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London Olympic 2012: Greco-Roman Wrestling 55kg and 74kg Live Results

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 24:  A London 2012 logo is installed in the table tennis practice arena at ExCel on July 24, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 24: A London 2012 logo is installed in the table tennis practice arena at ExCel on July 24, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
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As part of its coverage of the combat sports of the 2012 Olympics, Bloody Elbow will be bringing you live results during every day of wrestling competition.

Wrestling will start each day at 8:00 AM est, medal finals will take place at 12:45.

Wrestling's three disciplines will be contested over the next week. Greco will come first, then women's, and finally, the main event, men's freestyle will be held starting on next Friday.

The first day of Greco competition brings us the 55kg and 74kg weight classes

UPDATE NBC online broadcast is up

After the jump, Mike Riordan is going to be typing furiously, bringing you only the freshest of wrestling results.

I suppose, before I begin providing results, some sort of introduction is in order.

I love wrestling more than any other sport, or probably, endeavor, on Earth, and the Olympics are the sport at its highest conceivable level. I become giddy with joy at the prospect of Olympic wrestling, and now I get to share this joy with Bloody Elbow's community of fantastic fans (and whoever else happens upon this liveblog, they are more than welcome as well).

These games also bring me a sense of dread. I am so emotionally invested in the American wrestlers, and they have so much on the line, that watching them compete is absolutely nerve wracking. Watching American wrestlers lose is a gut wrenching affair to say the least, but the elation I feel when they are triumphant makes it all worth it.

and for those who were curious, brackets can be found here

First Round Results.

So far we know that the US' Spenser Mango has won his first round match and will be facing the defending world champ from Azerbaijan, no word yet on video

At 74kg, US' Ben Provisor beats the Cuban

I have video now

55kg: Modos of Hungary defeats Tazmuradov of Uzbekistan to the amazement of these horrendous British commentators who know NOTHING about wrestling, but at least I have video, oh wait, it's gone now.

55kg Rd of 8: Hasegawa of Japan beats the Belarussian with a sweet duck and gut, nice as it gets.

55kg: Iranian super duper star Hamid Sourian up against the Kyrgyztani

Sourian guts the Kyrg to win the first period

The Kyrg was stalling, waiting for his turn on top and he guts Sourian to take the 2nd

The Kyrg takes down in the last 30 seconds, this is for all the marbles. Sourian guts him, gives up a switch reversal, but wins 2-1 to take the match to the delight of the Iranian fans.

74 kg: Basci from Hungary vs a Lithuanian

(Mango of the US lost pretty badly to the Azerbaijani World champ, DAMMMITTT Damit)

The Basci defends in par terre to take the first period

and it's another forced par terre situation in the 2nd, Basci can't turn the Lithuanian, and he has hurt his knee, his leg got caught underneath the Lituanian, Kasakevic.

Kasakevic defends to take the 2nd period, not much scoring on the feet, and that kind of sucks

Basci wins the ball pull in the third period (yay a ball pull) knee still hurting, looks like he won't be able to turn Kasakevic, and that will be all she wrote for the Hungarian, he'll lose. Lithuania moves on.

Side note: Croatia has some sweet looking singlets incorporating that Croatian red and white checkerboard pattern

74kg: Here comes the gold medal favorite, Turkey's Cebi, against Sweden's rosengren

Rosengren looks huge for this weight and is more than holding his own against the 2 time world champ

forced par terre, Cebi on top, he can't get the lift, and losses the first period

Cebi scores to take the lead in the second, an actual point from the feet, wow, and hw wins the 2nd period

(American Ben Provisor loses...big)

Ref ignores blatant singlet grab by Cebu, and Rosengren wins the ball pull to take top

ROSENGREN GETS THE GUT..Cebi losses, the favorite losses HUGE UPSET

other winners


Nyblom, Den

Li, China

Bayramov AZE

Balart, Cuba

Choi, Korea


Kikiniou BEL

Ahmadov AZE

Guenot, France

Datunishvili, Georgia

Not getting the feed anymore, but Nyblom is through to the semis

NBC stream is down, but I'm getting the BBC feed is coming in,

55kg: Balart from Cuba v Choi from Korea

(Soryan of Iran in the semis)

I think Balart might actually be an Ompa Loompa

I usually love the quality of British commentary, but this is nigh intolerable

Balart is lousy from par terre, too short, no leverage, fails to score, Period goes to Choi

I apologize for the Oompa Loomp comment, Balart, I realize now, is an actual little person perhaps. I should be more sensitive

push out for cuba with a failed challenge from Korea, Ballart goes up 2-0, in the 2nd

Choi scores a TD to win in the third. Balart had it in the bag and blew it.

55kg: Bayramov of AZE vs Li of China

AZE defending world champ. Li my dark horse to win it, AZE needs to win to keep American Mango alive. British play by play guy continuously bewildered and color commentator is oppressively annoying

China attempts a gut, Bayramov fronts him mid gut, catches him on his back for the fall, match over no fall, announcer wrong

Par terre to end the 2nd, Bayramov on top, lifs Li belly to belly and tries to go big for a full salto, but doesn't expose Li, video challenge...point confirmed for Bayramov, match: Azerbaijan.

74kg: Rosengren v Kasakevic of Lithuania

the British color commentator sounds like the bearded ponytailed guy from Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels

Rosengren defends par terre to win the first, He really ought to win this one

Rosengren has 30 seconds to turn the Lithuanian to win and go to the semis, he can't do it, but there is some sort of challenge, claiming a lift, challenge denied, Rosenberg losses the 2nd

OMG because Rosengren lost the challenge, giving Kasakevic the extra point, there was no ball pull in the third, the Lithuanian was allowed to defend and he gets the win. Crappy way to lose for Rosengren.

74 quarters: Guenot from France, brother of Olympic champ, vs Russia.

Russian turns him in a high gut to with the first period.

Guenot takes top in the 2nd, looking for the turn on Vlasov, tries a gut, not awarded exposure, desperation video challenge from the French.

Guenot gets the points WHAAAAAAH? Guenot wins period

I take it back, that was the right call, slomo, shows Vlasov's back hit 90 degrees

Guenot on top for the win, but he can't get the turn, Vlasov advances to the semis

74 quarters: let's just call them Bel vs Arm. I'll write out the name of the winner

Arm takes the first period on a high gut turn in par terre

Armwith a push out point in the 2nd

Julfalakyan of Armenia into the semis, somewhere the members of System of a Down are smiling, at least on the inside.

Final 74kg quarter: Ahmadov from Azerbaijan vs Datunashvili from Georgia in a southern Caucasus showdown

1st period, the Georgian counters a gut by fronting it and catching Ahmadov on his back for 2 exposure points, he wins the period.

2nd period, same as the first, in reverse, the Georgian gets caught on his back while gutting, DAMN lucky not to give up the pin.

3rd period: Ahmadov with a td, then a late and awesome throw from double overs. He wins the period and advances to the semis

55kg semi: Nyblom vs Sourian

Sourian with a duck from a body lock, then a gut. First period: Iran

2nd period: Sourian takes the 2nd and is into the finals, he looks like he is back to his old form

55 semi: Choi from Korea vs Bayramov of AZE

Bayramov is the world champ, he needs to win to keep Mango alive

Bayramov defends in par terre to take the first period

Bayramov lifts to belly to belly from par terre, and tries the throw, is awarded the point for the lift, period ends with a Korean challenge, they don't even review the throw, so stupid. Bayramov is in the finals, Mango is back in the wrestlebacks.

74kg semis: Kasakevic of Lithuania vs Vlasov of Russia

scoreless first period, Kasakevic goes on top in par terre, looks like he got the turn, but no challenge, Russia defends and gets the period.

Scoreless 2nd, shocking! Kasakovic takes bottom in par terre, gets lifted and LAUNCHED. Vlasov wins the match.

semifinal 74kg: Julfakyan of Armenia vs Ahmadov of AZE

The Azerbaijani coach is the most terrifying human on Earth

after no score, nice gutwrench from par terre by the Armenian, he wins the first period

The Armenian body locks and drives Ahmadov from feet to back for three, he is in the finals and the Kardashians are stoked

Gold Medal finals:

55kg: Bayramov of AZE vs Sourian od Iran

74kg: Julfulakyan of Armenia vs Vlasov of Russia

55kg wrestleback: Mango drops first period to Russia's Semenov in par terre to lose the first period

Mango loses the second period 1-0 and is out of the Olympics, dammit.

74kg Repechage rd 2:

Belarus defeats Kyrgyzstan

55kg repechage round 2:

Semenov of Russia vs Li of China. Semenov takes the first round

Li takes top in par terre in the 2nd period, working a high gut, he can't get it, and Semenov is the victor

55kg bronze medal 1: Nyblom of Den vs Modos of Hun

Modos wins the first period with a lift from par terre

period 2 Nyblom attempts a arm spin, but Modos ends up on top. No score, ruled a slip throw.

Nyblom scores 2 and then 2 more at the end of the period off a botched throw from Modos

Period 3: We are knotted up at one period a piece this period is for all the marbles.

no score and a ball pull to see who has choice in par terre. Modos wins the pull and takes top on Nyblom

He hits the throw off the lift for exposure, Wins the match, screams in elation, backflips.

Bronze medal Modos of Hungary

55kg bronze medal 2: Choi of Korea vs Semenov of Russia

Semenov with a 1 point pushout early to take the lead. Gets sloppy on another pushout attempt, Choi counters and goes behind for his own td. Semenov goes behind Choi for his own TD, Korea challenges claiming a slip throw, no go on the challenge, Semenov wins period 3-1

Period 2: not much action, we are going to par terre, Choi on top. Choi can't get a turn, Semenov wins the periood

Bronze medal Semenov of Russia

55kg gold medal match; Bayramov of AZE vs Sourian of Iran. Battle of world champions

Period 1: goes to par terre where Sourian cranks and cranks and cranks and finally gets the gutwrench fo 2 to win the period

Period 2: Bayramov attempts a duckunder, Sourian counters with double unders and forces Bayramov to concede the td

Sourian's td holds up. Nice backflips

Gold medal 55kg: Hamid Sourian of Iran

74kd bronze medal match 1: Madsen of Denmark vs Kasakevic of Lithuania

Period 1: no score, Madsen goes on top in par terre. Madsen is unsuccessful and the period goes to Lithuania

Period 2: Madsen clearly stalling out so he can win this period by laying on his belly in par terre. It back fires, he gets gutted and exposed

Bronze medal Kazakevic or Lithuania

74kg bronze medal match 2: Ahmadov Aze vs Kikinou BLR

Period 1: Same old story, no action and then par terre. Belarus wins the period with a gutwrench

Period 2: What do you know, no action from the feet, Ahmadov wins on a gut, but it is ruled that Kikinou scored a point I think, this will be big later.

Period 3: So we go to par terre again, the scores must have actually been equal because there was a ball pull, it looks like Ahmadov gets exposure on a gut, no points given. Kikinou then gets out and may have gotten a take down, but they say he stepped out. On replay they confirm that the Belarussian was pushed out. Point and match for Ahmadov.

Bronze medal Ahmadov of Azerbaijan

74kg Gold Medal Finals:

Internet is coming in and out

Vlasov of Russia vs Armenia

Period 1: Russia wins first period

Period 2: Vlasov wins second and gold

Gold medal Vlasov of Russia

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