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UFC On Fox: Lyoto Machida Vs. Ryan Bader Knockout Video Highlight

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Lyoto Machida earned a chance to face Jon Jones a second time with his violent second round knockout of Ryan Bader in the co-main event of UFC on Fox tonight. Machida had his way with Bader, who fought recklessly throughout the bout, before finishing him with a beautiful right hand counter.

Here's video of the KO from a variety of angles:

Here's how Bloody Elbow called the action:

Round 1 - Body kick by Machida. Bader misses a leg kick. Not much happens for the first 90 seconds. Body kick by Machida again. Machida with a knee and he's avoiding everything Bader is throwing. It's just Bader running forward throwing big wild punches that Machida slips with ease and then he lands a counter and gets away. Not super exciting, but perfect in execution. 10-9 Machida.

Round 2 - Finally, Bader tries another run at Machida and Lyoto just cracks him and puts him out cold, landing a follow up shot on the ground and it's over. Lyoto Machida wins by KO (punches), round 2.

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