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UFC On Fox 4 Results: Phil De Fries Submits Oli Thompson In Round Two

Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting
Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Phil De Fries defeated Oli Thompson by submission (face crank) at 4:16 of round two

Philip De Fries spent the whole first round looking for a takedown that wasn't there. In the second round, he decided to just go out and bust Oli Thompson in the face, and it worked. After hurting Thompson with a punch and a little later with a knee, he finally got the takedown and methodically worked his way to a face crank/rear naked choke submission victory. It really was a choke, but was announced as a face crank.

The fighters started off with the always-exciting clinching against the fence. After almost two minutes of that, John McCarthy did what Yves Lavigne wouldn't and separated them. Aaaand they just went right back to it. De Fries was trying to get a takedown and finally used a single to get it to the floor, but Thompson popped up after a few seconds. The ref separated them again and they actually threw punches for a few seconds, but then went right back to the cage for the rest of the round.

The two men struck for a bit to start the round, and right as Rogan said De Fries didn't have any power, De Fries dropped Thompson with a straight right. He swarmed for the finish but Thompson was able to hang on and recover. De Fries went back to grappling and couldn't get a takedown. They finally separated and threw some bombs again, with Thompson landing the best one. De Fries hurt Thompson with a knee, but went back to going for a takedown. He finally got it and took Thompson's back with no hooks. He landed a few punches and took his time before getting his hooks in with 50 seconds to go in the round. And four seconds later, De Fries got the rear naked choke victory.

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