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Former Shark Fights President Jeremy 'Jim' Larsen Shot And Killed In Amarillo

Poster for the last Shark Fights event promoted by Larsen.
Poster for the last Shark Fights event promoted by Larsen.

Former Shark Fights promoter Jeremy Larsen has died after sustaining a gunshot wound in South Amarillo. There isn't much information surrounding the shooting as of yet. What details there are, have been covered by

...officers arried just after 1 a.m., to the 8200 block of Progress to find two men in the street with one man down.

One man, ater identified as 45-year-old James Larsen, had a gunshot wound to his upper body.

Pronews 7 has confirmed through a close friend of Larsen that he was a well-known Shark Fight promoter.

Larsen resigned as Shark Fights president in the fall of 2009, citing an inability to balance his presidential duties with establishing the Sheila Larsen Foundation (about which I can find no information). His last show as promoter was Shark Fights 6, which was broadcast on a local ESPN Radio station, marking the first time a MMA show was broadcast live on radio.

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