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The Ultimate Fighter 16 Cast Unveiled

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The Ultimate Fighter 16 begins on FX on September 14th, and we now know who will be competing. The UFC sent out a press release with the list of 32 welterweight hopefuls today, and it includes some names you've probably heard before. A gaggle of ex-Strikeforce fighters including Bristol Marunde, Ricky Legere Jr, and Cortez Coleman along with former M-1 and Bellator guys. The coaches are heavyweights Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson.

As usual, the first episode will show all the elimination round fights as they cut down the cast from 32 to 16 fighters. The TUF 16 Finale takes place on December 15th, and the main card will air on FX. Carwin vs. Nelson will be headlining the event.

Check out the full list of contestants after the jump.

Sam Alvey (19-4)
Igor Araujo (22-6)
Saad Awad (11-4)
Jesse Barrett (8-0)
Diego Bautista (7-1)
Frank Camacho (10-2)
James Chaney (7-2)
Jerel Clark (5-1)
Cortez Coleman (8-3)
Cameron Diffley (3-0)
Eddy Ellis (17-15-1)
Max Griffin (4-1)
Nic Herron-Webb (11-3)
Michael Hill (4-0)
Zane Kamaka (4-0)
Leo Kuntz (14-1-1)
Julian Lane (4-0)
Ricky Legere Jr. (14-4)
George Lockhart (10-4)
Lev Magen (4-0)
Neil Magny (7-1)
Jon Manley (7-1)
Bristol Marunde (12-7)
David Michaud (4-0)
Kevin Nowaczyk (11-2)
Joey Rivera (7-1)
Mike Ricci (7-2)
Tim Ruberg (9-1)
Matt Secor (1-1)
Colton Smith (3-1)
Jason South (8-0)
Dom Waters (4-1)