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Report: Miguel Torres Cut From UFC As A Disciplinary Action

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Miguel Torres, a veteran and former champion of the WEC, was recently cut from the UFC. The cut came as a surprise to many fans, being that the announcement came several months after his most recent loss, a first round knockout at the hands of rising bantamweight Michael McDonald.

Now, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer (subscription required) is reporting that Torres' cut was the result of disciplinary measures from the UFC. Torres already had a brief cut from the UFC after he joked about rape on twitter, but he was able to apologize and come to terms with the UFC. Now, it doesn't look like there's any turning back, as it has already been announced that Miguel has signed with Titan Fighting Championships. Here's what Meltzer's newsletter said about the cut:

The cutting of Miguel Torres was disciplinary in nature although it was not said what the cause was, only that he was cut. His record wasn't bad, with a knockout loss to Michael McDonald who is going to be a top star (provided his hands don't keep betraying him as he's already broken them a couple of times) and a close loss to Demetrious Johnson, both top guys. He made the rape joke on twitter and was fired, then brought back, and apparently he made some sort of a similar mistake.

There was no direct backlash after Torres' cut indicating anything like this. Being that Meltzer says his cut was the result of a 'similar mistake' leads me to believe that this came from some type of social media blunder, but what exactly that may be is not evident right now. This could be false for all we know, but this seems like a very plausible reason for his cut.

With Torres out of the UFC, he is still a very important fighter. Other promotions may be keen on picking him up soon, because he brings a high level of talent and experience that's hard to find at bantamweight. It will be interesting to see where he ends up, and there are a lot of good matchups for him outside of the UFC. Right now, anything about his future or the reason he was cut is purely speculation, but it will likely unfold soon enough.

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