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Evangelista Cyborg Leaves Strikeforce, Signs With Instinct MMA

Evangelista Cyborg fights Nick Diaz in January 2011. Photo Credit: Tracy Lee via <a href=""></a>
Evangelista Cyborg fights Nick Diaz in January 2011. Photo Credit: Tracy Lee via

A Cyborg is leaving Strikeforce, but it's not what you think. Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos, ex-husband of Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos, left the organization following months of inactivity and not booking the crowd-pleasing Brazilian. Cyborg has not fought since a TKO loss to Jordan Mein in September 2011, and just three fights since 2010 is not enough for the former Strikeforce welterweight challenger. He spoke with Tatame about his decision to leave the organization:

Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos is no longer a Strikeforce employee. The fighter resigned from the organization about a month ago for not having fought for almost a year. On the Brazilian’s contract there was an exclusivity clause, which prevented him to fight in another show.

Cyborg’s last performance on the cage was on September of 2011, when defeated by Jordan Mein.

On an interview with TATAME, Cyborg affirmed the lack of fights were starting to be bad for his career. "I resigned, quit Strikefroce because I signed a six-fight two-year contract. They gave me two fights and it’s been a year I haven’t fought. I can’t live like this, spending a year on the ‘fridge’. There’re events all over the world. People who know me know I like to be active. Since September 2011 I haven’t fought. I can’t do it. Together with my manager, Rudimar (Fedrigo), I’ve sent a letter asking for Strikeforce to release me and they did".

It's definitely an unfortunate situation with Strikeforce being almost devoid of welterweights for Santos to fight, and they haven't made any attempt to book him at all this year. At 35 and with heavy ring wear time is not on his side to remain inactive. Luckily for him, he signed with Canadian promotion Instinct MMA, who in their short time have had Houston Alexander and Patrick Cote on their cards. Cyborg revealed who he'd be fighting later on in the interview:

"I closed a three-fight deal with Instinct, which is a Canadian event. I’ll fight on October 21st, against Brandon Thatch, who’s the champion there. Then I’ll fight in December and again in February. They assured me three fights within six months. The event doesn’t have an exclusivity clause, so I can fight in other shows too. Even though it’s not a big event like Strikeforce, it’s best to keep fighting than don’t fight at all. I can fight in Brazil, in America or anywhere else".

Thatch is 8-1 in his MMA career with a TKO over Chidi Njokuani, brother of the UFC's Anthony Njokuani.

It's certainly a good deal for someone like Cyborg who has been starved for fights for a long time. He'll be a busy man over the next few months and hopefully he can get back in the win column.

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