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Dan Henderson Says Cancellation OF UFC 151 Was 'A Shame', Predicts December Return To Action

Photo via <a href="">MMA Fighting</a>
Photo via MMA Fighting

Last week, rumors started swirling that UFC Light Heavyweight contender Dan Henderson was injured and forced from his title shot against Jon Jones. Those rumors were confirmed and the event was subsequently cancelled when Jones turned down Chael Sonnen as a late replacement. Henderson later explained that he sustained a knee injury during training three weeks earlier and unsuccessfully tried to tough through it.

Inside MMA had Henderson on their show Monday night (Transcribed by MMA Mania):

They did find an opponent, but I guess it was one he didn't wanna fight. It's a shame the whole card had to be scrapped because of that.

It's an injury that I honestly thought I'd be able to work through and fight a little bit injured. I may not have been one hundred percent, but I thought I'd be close. After a couple of weeks of trying to push through it, it was apparent that I wouldn't even be close to a hundred percent.

I'd like to shoot for that December 29th show, and I'm pretty sure I'd be ready to go by then. I can guarantee that I will day. I don't know when.

At 41 years old and one of the UFC's oldest fighters, a serious knee injury definitely has career-ending implications. It's reassuring to hear that Henderson is so confident about his imminent return.However, considering how recently Henderson's injury occurred and was examine, it may be premature to predict such an optimistic return date.

The December 29th show he refers to is UFC 155 where Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos is expected to make his second title defense against former foe Cain Velasquez.

SBN coverage of UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson

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