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Video Playlist: Your MMA Of The Day With UFC 151, Greg Jackson, Fans Mock Jon Jones, More

Zombie Prophet and I are back once again with Your MMA of the Day, a compendium of all the best, most entertaining, enlightening, edifying and amusing videos on YouTube involving cage fighting, MMA, UFC and Strikeforce plus Steven Seagal.

Today's playlist also includes Kid Nate's Rant of the Day. A new feature in which I let loose at whatever is getting under my skin lately. Today it's Dana White's insistence that the UFC is not doing too many events and that "the Internet" is stupid because Dana has made a lot of money doing MMA and yes I do it wearing a coon skin cap.

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List of videos after the jump...

SBN coverage of UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson

Today's videos are:

  • Steven Seagal goes to Moscow at Putin's personal invitation and educates the people of Russia in his deadly combat arts
  • Andrei Arlvoski talks One FC and Tim Sylva and not being UFC champ anymore
  • Eugene Robinson talks to former UFC Welterweight Carlos Eduardo Rocha
  • has the cure for wrestlers
  • Greg Jackson responds to Dana White
  • Dan Henderson on his injury and dropping out of UFC 151
  • Alan Belcher talks UFC 153, his back injury and Vitor Belfort
  • Three fan made videos ripping into Jon Jones and the UFC 151 fiasco
  • My rant of the day

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