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Bellator 73, Titan FC 24, And Score Fighting Series GIF Round-Up

Photo via Esther Lin of <a href="">MMA Fighting</a>
Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Although the UFC is taking a few weeks off, that doesn't mean the weekend was lacking in MMA action. Bellator FC, Titan FC, and Score Fighting Series filled the gap left by the sport's premier promotion. Bellator 73 brought a ton of action and exciting finishes in addition to crowning two tournament winners. Attila Vegh and Marcos Galvao will face the the Light Heavyweight and Bantamweight champions, respectively.

Titan Fighting Championship featured the Light Heavyweight debut of former UFC Welterweight Anthony Johnson. Last night marked the first time Rumble was able to make weight in his last three outings. In his first non-Rumbleweight bout in almost a year, Johnson was able to finish Esteves Jones in the second round. TFC 24 also brought the MMA debut of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all-star Braulio Estima. Estima is very well known in the MMA community for being the guy Nick Diaz stood up at the World Jiu Jitsu expo back in May. Estima had a very successful debut with a first round submission.

Score Fighting Series may have lacked star power, but it didn't lack action. With a few knockouts, some Capoeira, and a coach's tackle, SFS definitely delivered. In the main event, Josh Hill extender his career long undefeated streak to 9 fights with a unanimous decision win over John Fraser.

If that weren't enough, Shooto 33 in Brazil saw Bellator's Bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas getting knocked out by Tyson Nam.

After the jump, Zombie Prophet brings a ton of GIFs to highlight the action from this weekend.

Bellator 73: Cosmo Alxandre finished Harry Johnson with a pair of not low blows:


Bellator 73: Attila Vegh makes Travis Wiuff do the stanky leg:


TFC 24: Brian Davidson hits John DeVall with an axe kick out of Vitor Belfort's fantasies:


TFC 24: Braulio Estima got bored and put Chris Holland to sleep:


Bellator 73: I thought this sweep by Mike Mucitelli was only possible on UFC Undisputed:


TFC24: Matt Uhde goes full Mark Hunt on Matthew Foster:


Score Fighting Series: He fell funny. Twice:


Score Fighting Series: Jason Saggo's coach punishes his fight with a low blow for beating Eric Attard:


Shooto 33: Tyson Nam knocks the poop out of Bellator Bantamweight champ Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas: