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Titan FC 24 Live Play By Play And Discussion

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Join us at Bloody Elbow tonight at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT for live play by play and discussion of tonight's Titan FC 24 card from Kansas City, Kansas. The event will be airing live on AXS TV (formerly HDNet). The card is actually pretty good, and features two spectacles in the main and co-main events. Former UFC welterweight contender Anthony Johnson will make his light heavyweight debut against Esteves Jones in the main event, while BJJ wizard Braulio Estima will make his MMA debut in the co-main against Chris Holland.

Here's a look at the full scheduled card:

Anthony Johnson vs. Esteves Jones
Braulio Estima vs. Chris Holland
Cody Gibson vs. Andrew Whitney
Matthew Foster vs. Matt Uhde
Brian Davison vs. John Devall

So tune into tonight and let eveyone know what you think. Will Rumble be comfortable at 205? Will Estima dazzle in his debut? Will anybody be watching this over Bellator? We'll find out soon.

Jose Vega vs. Adam Stickley

Round 1: Both men with feints early. Stickley changing stances, Vega with a strong leg kick. Vega with a combo, Stickley with a head kick. Vega with a combo to set up his takedown, after a brief struggle, Stickley is on his back. Stickley looking to wall walk, as Vega has half guard against the cage. Vega passes into side control and moves away from the cage. Stickley initiates a scramble and catches a triangle, and Vega taps out. Adam Stickley wins by submission (triangle choke), 3:23 into round 1

Matthew Foster vs. Matt Uhde

Round 1: Foster with a big double leg early, looking to pass immediately. Uhde is trying to wall walk, but Foster takes his back off of the cage. Uhde gets a great reversal and gets into side control. Uhde gets full mount, and Foster looks lost on bottom. Foster tries to reverse while Uhde gets a triangle, though not very tight, and Uhde lets it go. Foster now moves into side control. Foster stands back up. Foster lands a nice head kick, Uhde gets a clinch takedown, then Foster reverses. Foster tries to take his back, the Uhde reverses and takes his back. Uhde gets one hook in, but falls off after being too high on his back. Uhde gets a clinch takedown as the round closes. Close round, but I have it 10-9 Uhde.

Round 2: Uhde rushes forward, and Foster goes for a leg kick. Uhde gets a clinch and they battle against the cage. Uhde gets a takedown which is quickly reversed by Foster. Foster is just sitting in half guard landing little punches. Foster is attempting to set up an arm triangle, but Uhde gets Foster's head out of his armpit. The referee stands them up. Uhde again rushes forward, and they have an exchange close up. Foster gets the takedown. Foster looking for punches from behind Uhde. Uhde stands up and turns around, getting double underhooks. Foster returns him to the ground, quickly getting into side control and then north south as he sets up a north south choke. Uhde is hanging on, little time let in the round. The round closes with Foster on top. Both have slowed a lot since the first, this round was 10-9 Foster.

Round 3: Foster with a BIG overhand right, then a huge clinch takedown. Uhde's mouthguard went flying through the air from that right! Uhde is holding on, and gets back to his feet while still clinched. The referee is telling them to work, not much going on in this clinch against the cage right now. The crowd is starting to boo, and they separate briefly, then Foster gets a takedown. Uhde is landing strikes from the closed guard, but not much is going on. Foster is just burying his face in Uhde's stomach, not even trying to posture up. Foster is doing nothing at all from the top, but finally goes with one elbow. The referee stands them up. Finally, the ref notices Uhde's mouthguard has been on the round the entirety of the round. Big punches from Uhde, then Foster with big knees. The round closes as Foster taunts Uhde while getting hit in the face. 10-9 Foster, making it 29-28 Foster on my card.

The judges have it 29-28 across the board. Matthew Foster wins by unanimous decision.

Cody Gibson vs. Andrew Whitney

Round 1: Lots of movement from Cody early, a leg kick misses for Whitney. Cody blocks a head kick. Whitney comes up short on a flying knee, and then Cody tries to get a takedown against the cage. Right now they're battling for underhooks and trading knees against the cage, and Cody finally drags the fight to the ground with a trip. Gibson is in half guard right now, looking to set up a d'arce choke. Whenever Whitney tries to get up, Gibson just pushes him back down or threatens with a d'arce. Whitney finally gets some space, then gets up and gets a takedown of his own. Gibson creates space and looks for a tak edown, but Whitney just separates. Whitney is throwing with bad intentions but coming up short more often than not. As the round closes, Gibson looks to touch gloves, Whitney just walks past him. 10-9 Gibson.

Round 2: Both guys look for high front kicks both come up short. Gbson showboats a bit, Whitney comes forward, and they have a big exchange. Gibson gets a clinch then goes for the takedown, and carries Whitney across the cage before dropping him down. Gibson passes guard quickly, and then gains mount. Whitney regains half guard, but is having trouble doing anything after. Gibson again threatens with the d'arce. Whitney gets some space and grabs Gibson's leg, but still can't get out, as Gibson recovers half guard. Gibson keeps threatening with chokes, but can't get anything. Whitney is trying to wall walk again, but can't escape. Gibson landing good ground and pound, as Whitney moves around on bottom, regaining full guard. The round ends. 10-9 Gibson again.

Round 3: Gibson moving in and out, and lands a left body kick. Gibson gets a short lived clinch, then they separate. Whitney is throwing wild punches, and lands a few, but Cody seems unfazed. Gibson ducks under Whitney's punches and gets behind him, then gets a takedown. Whitney gets full guard, then tries to get a choke, but Cody escapes. Now Whitney turns over, giving Gibson his back. Gibson has one hook, then Whitney turns over and then gets to half guard. Whitney creates space again, but still can't get out, Cody just keeps smothering him.Whitney is going for a kimura from half guard, and gets a reversal with it. Whitney looks for a choke from the top, Gibson is defending with ten seconds left. Whitney going for ground and pound, then Gibson gets on top and lands punches of his own. Then Whitney clearly after the bell goes for a few more punches from bottom. That's another 10-9 for Gibson, making it 30-27 Gibson on my score.

Judges score it 29-28, 29-27, and 30-27, all for Cody Gibson. Cody Gibson wins by unanimous decision.

John Devall vs. Brian Davidson

Round 1: Light exchange early, Davidson goes for a high kick. Both men looking for kicks. Davidson goes with a big spinning back kick to Devall's body. Davidson looks very loose, lots of movement and feints. Davidson with an outside crescent kick that hits. Another spinning back kick from Davidson that looks like it hurt Devall. Devall is just looking too slow right now. Devall lands a low kick on the calf. Davidson goes wiht a big knee stepping in, and has Devall hurt bad. He's following up with ground and pound, then gets on top into side control and then mount. Then he gives up mount for some reason but is still standing in in front of a downed Devall. Devall tries to stand up and gets caught by a big punch! He's down again! Davidson with hellish ground and pound and this is done. Brian Davidson wins by TKO, 3:32 into round 1.

Braulio Estima vs. Chris Holland

Round 1: Both men come out, Holland lands a good right. Estima with a takedown attempt against the cage. Estima pulls him down for a second, but then they stand back up. Estima comes back and clinches again. Estima is now in full mount off of a clinch takedown. Braulio is setting up an arm triangle, but has to give it up. Holland gets to half guard. Braulio tight on top of Holland right now, looking to pass, and he gets back into mount. Estima locks in a tight arm triangle, and chokes Holland unconscious. Braulio Estima wins by submission (arm triangle), 3:23 into round 1.

Anthony Johnson vs. Esteves Jones

Round 1: The round opens, they touch gloves. Johnson goes for a big left kick. Johnson with a big front kick. Johnson throwing a lot of kicks, Jones throwing flurries with his back against the cage. Johnson gets a big double leg and lands in Jones' guard. Jones with some ground and pound, Jones doesn't look like he knows how to get back up. More light punches and elbows from Johnson, and Jones' head is swelling badly already. Johnson passes into half guard, and looking to get into side control. Jones recovers guard as Johnson continues to throw light strikes from the top. Johnson stands up and then drops down onto Jones, and is able to get into mount. Esteves is just holding on to him, now he recovers half guard. Johsnon dropping big strikes towards the end of the round, but Jones holds on and is saved by the bell. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: Jones goes for wild punches and kicks. Johnson with a head kick attempt. Rumble gets the takedown, and gets Jones against the cage. Johnson traps Jones' right arm and lands punch after unanswered punch, though none looked too big. The referee steps in as we see an anticlimactic finish on par with Yushin Okami vs. Buddy Roberts. Anthony Johnson wins by TKO, :53 into round 1.

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