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Joe Lauzon Explains How Jon Jones' Decision To Not Fight Chael Sonnen Affected The UFC 151 Undercard Fighters

Photo: Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE
Photo: Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE

By now, everyone should be well aware that UFC 151 has been cancelled due to a series of events, starting with an injury to Dan Henderson and ending with Jon Jones turning down the one option for a replacement opponent in Chael Sonnen. But what some fan's haven't yet fully taken into consideration is the way that this impacts the fighters who were scheduled for the rest of the card.

Joe Lauzon wrote a quick blog that summed up what Jon's decision means to everyone else:

Not only has this screwed over all the fans that bought tickets, non refundable airfare, took off work, made arrangements, etc... but think of all the fighters. Fighters that put in full camps, flew people in that helped them trains, etc. By the time I am actually fight, I spend close to 20k between corners, flights, expenses, coaches, etc... and then to have the whole show cancelled because ONE guy didn't want to fight. This ONE guy that had trained an entire camp, who was the CHAMP and at the top of his weight class, who was going to fight someone who didn't do the camp, and was fighting UP a weight class.

I'm going to repeat this thought over and over today and in the coming week, but Jones had every right to turn down the fight. He can't base his decision on what's best for everyone else because of the realities of fight sports and the fact that your career can basically end at any time.

But that doesn't mean that fans, media and other fighters can't be angry about it, or disappointed in Jon's choices. Just as Jon has the right to make whatever decision he sees as best for himself, everyone has the right to react as they see fit.

I'm sure for many undercard guys, that reaction is going to be one of anger. And we've already seen it with tweets like this:

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