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Dana White Says GSP vs. Silva Will 'Probably' Happen, Should GSP Beat Condit

Photo credit: Esther Lin of MMA Fighting
Photo credit: Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

In MMA, a true superfight is hard to come by. Certain fights can be billed as such, but few really are fit for this label. One 'super' matchup that has eluded MMA fans for years has been a bout contested between UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Time after time we have seen glimmers of hope, but to no avail.

Now, it seems like there are definitive strides being made towards making this fight, and that's what we get to see from UFC president Dana White after his recent appearance on the Dave and Mahoney show on X107.5 in Las Vegas. Here is some of what he said on the matter, as transcribed by MMA Weekly:

I think if we do the fight with (Anderson Silva) and Georges St-Pierre, it would be at a catchweight; probably like 178 (pounds), something like that.

Of the many issues that had kept this fight from happening, the weight at which they'd fight has been a big part. It is good to see that they've come up with a somewhat definitive answer, and it's right in the middle of the two mens' weight classes of choice.

Georges St-Pierre says he does (want the fight). He wants to do it, yeah.

Another big issue for this fight was each man's desire to participate. There had to be circumstances that would make it worth the huge risk for each man. Now, with GSP's desire to take the fight, a big part of the equation is solved.

When asked whether the fight would be GSP's next, should he emerge triumphant over Carlos Condit at UFC 154, Dana answered rather bluntly, simply saying "probably". While that answer isn't exactly closing, it's as close as we've ever seen Dana to making this fight official. Of course, GSP still has to beat Carlos Condit to make this fight a possibility, but if and when that happens, fans could be well on their way to seeing this huge fight that has been desired for years.