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K-1 Rising Los Angeles: Dewey Cooper Training Blog Week 2

Dewey Cooper
Dewey Cooper

On September 8, at the K-1 Rising 2012 US Championship in Los Angeles, K-1 veteran Dewey Cooper will take on Randy Blake. The card will air in a live stream on In the weeks leading up to the fight, Cooper will be providing us with a regular training blog, giving Bloody Elbow readers updates on how the training is going, and an exclusive look inside the training of a professional fighter.

Right now I'm just keeping it simple - basic training you know? Conditioning, training, and sparring. Everything's going on schedule, we're a little over two weeks away from the event and getting close to take off.

I've been with my time for a long time, but every fight is a new experience, so we try to stay with the times on the newest technologies out there as far as conditioning and strength training. We keep elevating, we don't keep it the same. Every fight we do different things - add some things, take away certain drills or exercises, and try to specialize each fight individually. That's what we've done this camp, but it's still not over. We're still going through the grueling training right now, getting ready for September 8.

I'm not really thinking about my opponent in any way, I'm just doing my thing. I'm only worried about being the best I can be, fighting the best possible fight I can on fight night. I have enough information on him now. I know he's young, I know he has an undefeated record, he's obviously going to come to fight and throw down, I'm going to come to fight, and the best fighter is going to persevere that night. That's about all I need to know about him.

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Randy knows what's next if he's successful on the 8th, I know what's next when I'm successful on the 8th, and that's great. It's good to know that there are other opportunities out there, but you have to seize the opportunity of the moment at hand, and that's what I'm focused on. Fighting in Japan and eventually fighting in New York City sounds good, but fighting in Los Angeles comes first and that's the most important fight at this point.

I'm looking forward to the 8th. I'm excited for a great showing, and for the fight to be available on - that's very exciting news. I'm really excited that K-1 is making some power moves in the States, and I'm looking forward to being a part of that. Every striker, every stand-up fighter should be excited about this because it means more opportunities for guys in the US, and to compete abroad. And it starts September 8.

Check back next week for more from Dewey Cooper in this exclusive Bloody Elbow training blog.

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