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Wagner Prado Cleared To Train, Still Wants Phil Davis At UFC On FX 5


Just a few weeks ago, we saw Phil Davis face off with UFC newcomer Wagner Prado at UFC on Fox 4. While the fight got off to a good start, it ended in the least conclusive way possible, with Prado suffering an accidental eye poke that kept him from continuing. Even days after the event, Prado said he still had trouble seeing through his damaged eye.

Now, Tatame has again come into contact with Prado, asking about his current status and when he's ready to fight. Here are the quotes:

My eye doctor said I was good to go, that I can train again. He said he's sending me the report so I can forward it to the UFC, authorizing me to fight again.

Then, when asked about a rematch with Davis, Prado had this to say:

I don't know (when the fight will be), I'm waiting for them. If I can fight then it's good. If it can't happen let them chose another date. I'll foward this to UFC and see what they decide

After the Fox event, Dana White said that these two would probably end up fighting at UFC on FX 5. While what Prado said initially after the event was concerning, it appears likely that the rematch will happen as Dana planned.

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