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2012 Olympics Video: Boxer Gets Dropped Six Times In One Round, Gets Judges Nod

Satoshi Shimizu   (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Satoshi Shimizu (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The reffing and judging in Olympic boxing has been problematic to say the least for the past few games. This year the trend has only gotten worse. Today we had one particularly egregious instance of abysmal reffing and judging result in a fight's results being overturned.

Bad Left Hook has the basic gist:

Magomed Abdulhamidov (Azerbaijan) def. Satoshi Shimizu (Japan), 22-17: First really, really clear instance of some horrendous officiating. The referee let Abdulhamidov flop around the ring, fall down about ten times in the third round, and did nothing. One warning is all Abdulhamidov got. The referee was a disgrace.

UPDATE (8:41 p.m. EDT): Japan's Shimizu will advance instead of Abdulhamidov, as the AIBA has overturned the decision and awarded the win to Shimizu, as they should have.

After the jump we'll have more from NBC about the fight and animated gifs of ALL the knockdowns from the third round courtesy of Zombie Prophet.

From NBC:

Japan's bantamweight Satoshi Shimizu, trailing by seven points going into the last round against Magomed Abdulhamidov, knocked the Azerbaijani down six times, the first of which he struggled to get up from. The judges scored the round 10-10, handing Shimizu two extra points for a warning against Abdulhamidov, who propped himself up against the top rope as the referee raised his hand in victory.

The 25-year-old fighter was helped out of the ring by his trainer and Shimizu's team appealed the outcome. The Japanese boxer's team leader Masamori Yamane accused the referee of trying to support Abdulhamidov by attempting to fix his headgear.

After deliberating for over an hour, AIBA said that under its rules, the referee should have given the Azerbaijani fighter "at least" three standing counts which would have resulted in the contest being stopped. They, therefore, overturned the result, handing victory to Shimizu, who was staggered by the original decision hours earlier.

"I was shocked about the result. He fell down so many times. Why didn't I win? I don't understand," Shimizu told reporters, adding he thought the referee should have stopped the fight with Abdulhamidov obviously groggy in the final round.


Alright so this one is pretty clearly a drop from punches (or a failed attempt at a single leg take down). Note the ref calling for a stand up immediately. This one is definitely a knock down.


This time Abdulhamidov eats a few punches, staggers and falls into Shimizu's legs, (or goes for a double leg), falls and once again gets a quick stand up with no count. You could argue that he wasn't hurt but if not, what the hell was Abdulhamidov trying to do?


This is pretty much a repeat of the first fall. Absolutely clearly a drop from the punches.


Another attempted tackle following a combination of punches landing. I have no idea what the ref is doing and neither did the ref.


Abdulhamidov is just responding to any punch by attempting a take down at this point.



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