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Court McGee's Story Of Life And Death Featured On ESPN's Sportscenter

Court McGee, winner of The Ultimate Fighter in it's eleventh season, has had quite a tough road to professional mixed martial arts. In this segment from Sportscenter, it shows the hard path he's taken, and shows how it led to where he is today. The video is very well done, and it really helps you gain a deep understanding of his struggles.

Here is his segment, titled "Dead Man Fighting" from Sportscenter:

He was a successful wrestler back in his youth, but after many surgeries in his last two years of high school, he became dependent on the pain medications that were prescribed to him. His addictions progressed into newer, more dangerous drugs, and reached an ugly end when he died after a heroin overdose.

By what his family considers a miracle, Court was brought back by emergency medical attention, and was able to go on in life. This served as a major turning point in his life, and was what pushed him into mixed martial arts. He has used his difficult past as his motivation, and has focused his life on his goals in MMA. This is a very good story of someone who has hit the lowest point possible, but still rose back up. He certainly is an inspiration to any others who have found the same kinds of struggles