Last night at Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman, fans were treated to a smorgasbord of MMA staples: Great knockouts, boring clinch work, crazy facial hair, early stoppages, late stoppages, and Bobby Green not knowing how to cut off a cage. That being said, here are some things that MMA needs to fix RIGHT NOW if they want to improve ratings and gate numbers.

1. Make the cage smaller. I mean REALLY SMALL. Right now the UFC cage is 32 feet in diameter (SF is a little smaller). That's way too big. Fans don't want to see movement, they want to see STANDANDBANG. I propose that all cages should be no bigger then 5 feet in diameter. Can't run when you can't move. Take that Carlos Condit!


(pictured is the only MMA demographic that matters.)

2. Another thing that everyone hates (Except KJ Gould) is the ever popular I'mgoingtoholdyouagainstthecageandfightforunderhooks dirty boxing. How do we avoid this? Simple. If you can't take someone down against the cage in 30 seconds, the ref restarts the fight with you in a fully locked RNC. Fair is fair.

3. There has been a lot of talk lately about bad ref/judge decisions. People have a point, they aren't here to see the ref or judge dictate the fight, they are there to see the fighters do it. How do we combat this? Online and text message polling. We know MMA is all about social media, so if the fans think that a ref is doing a bad job, they should be able to let the promotion know and that ref should be heelhooked by Paul Harris immediately relegated to making sure people have their mouthguards in. Everyone has an off night WHICH IS NO EXCUSE HERB DEAN but in most sports those people are put on the bench in those situations. Shit happens.



"Sorry for ripping your leg apart LOLJKNOI'MNOT."

4. It seems that over the last few weeks, fighters are also going out the way to talk about fights they don't want. I didn't know that Jon Jones was really a robot with Joe Silva at the controls. You know, like this. Either way, this has to stop. Jones doesn't want Machida because he is boring? Fine, let him fight Machida AND Rampage at the same time, handicapped style. Anderson doesn't want Weidman? That's cool. How about fighting Jacare in a street the winter. BOOM.

5. Last but not least, public firings. I know, I know, we frown on this as a society but think about awesome was it watching Chad Johnson get cut on "Hard Knocks"? Now picture that, but with Dana White. HOW HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED?

So that's it. 5 ways to save MMA. If you disagree, you are wrong and uneducated.

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