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UFC 155: Chael Sonnen Opens As Heavy Favorite Over Forrest Griffin

+232?!? Nonsense I say!
+232?!? Nonsense I say!

Chael Sonnen finally made up his mind earlier this week and will be moving up into the light heavyweight division. He announced on UFC Tonight that his first opponent will be former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, and according to the oddsmakers, he'll be the favorite going into that bout with the much larger man. Here's how BestFightOdds has it right now:

I realize that line looks ridiculous right now, but it's because BestFightOdds uses the best possible line from both sides. One book (BetOnline) has the fight much closer than the rest. Sportsbook originally opened the line at -365 for Chael, but two other sites (5Dimes and SportBet) have opened with Chael as an even bigger favorite. Hence the weird numbers. Frankly, I'm shocked that Chael is this much of a favorite. The style matchup clearly favors him, especially in a three-round fight, but Griffin is way bigger than him and has pretty good takedown defense.

If you have accounts all over the place, you can actually hedge your bets and make money either way. But on a strict value basis, I think Griffin at +232 is a steal.

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