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Frankie Edgar Talks About Moving To Featherweight

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At UFC 150, former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar lost the first rematch of his career to Ben Henderson. Although many disagreed with the decision, two of the three official judges agreed that Henderson did enough to outpoint Edgar and retain the title. Throughout his UFC career, it's been widely proposed that Frankie should move to Featherweight as he is a small fighter for 155 and cuts almost no weight in his current division.

Frankie spoke about the potential division change with Sherdog Radio on Tuesday:

I’m going to give myself a week to kind of just let all the emotions go away, just relax and enjoy my family and then sit down probably Sunday with my team and everyone else and just start bouncing some ideas around. Forty-five is a possibility. Fifty-five, I’ve been so successful and I would love to get a shot at the 155-pound belt again. Who knows? The 145-pound belt is definitely a prestigious belt to go after, especially with Jose Aldo at the helm of it all, but I’ve just got to really sit down and just discuss it with my team and my family and just make the right decision for myself.

A move to Featherweight does have an immediate upside for Edgar. Current champion Jose Aldo is suffering from a serious lack of compelling challengers. Since Frankie no longer holds the Lightweight strap, he probably wouldn't get an immediate shot. However, he'd most likely get treatment similar to Kenny Florian where he gets a title shot immediately following a single top ten win. On the other hand, if Nate Diaz upsets Henderson at UFC On Fox 5, Frankie Edgar is right back in the proverbial mix with another win or two.

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