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Three Reasons You Should Watch Strikeforce: Rousey Vs. Kaufman This Weekend

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It's the middle of August and for once there isn't a UFC card on this weekend. You could be doing something outside or filling your Saturday night with useful and relevant activities, but let's face it - that's not going to happen. You're an MMA fan, after all. You want to watch MMA, right? Well guess what! Strikeforce has you covered! Here are three reasons why you should tell your wife to go out with her friends, put the kids in a kennel, and sit down with a case of beer to watch Showtime on Saturday.

1. Ronda Rousey - Either you love her or she's starting to get on your nerves. No matter what, she's the biggest star in women's MMA and might be Strikeforce's most recognizable fighter right now. Who else has been on Conan? Oh yeah, no other MMA fighter. Sarah Kaufman is the first person she's faced that has good standup and an understanding of how to control distance. I'm not saying Sarah's gonna win, but I think she's going to be much tougher competition than Miesha Tate. Plus, Cyborg is gonna be in the crowd. Ronda will probably yell at her or something. That should be fun.

2. Ronaldo Souza - If you don't like Jacare, I don't like you. I don't think he's ever had a dull fight, and his bout with Derek Brunson won't be any different. I still think Jacare has the ability to be a top-five middleweight in the world, and Brunson's pretty good as well. He got hosed against Kendall Grove, by the way. Brunson and Luke Rockhold hate each other so no matter who wins this, Rockhold vs. the victor is going to be great.

3. Roger Bowling vs. Tarec Saffiedine - If you say "who are these guys?" I'll kick you. Both of these guys bring heavy hands into the cage and they like to punch people in the face. Bowling knocked out a neo-nazi in his last fight, so you should tune in just as a thank you for his solid work. His opponent before that came in 10 pounds overweight, so Bowling made him pay for being fat by knocking him out in 42 seconds. Like most SF fights, the bout doesn't have relevance written all over it but it's going to be exciting as all hell.

So there you have it. Bag on Strikeforce all you want, complain about the fact that it still exists, blah blah. The cards are still great and it's high-level MMA. But hey, if would rather do something different - say, attend a get-together with no booze to meet a newborn kid that's just going to poop and sleep - don't let me stop you. You're going to be mighty annoyed that you missed out on this card though. Just sayin'.

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