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ECSN: 'Mayhem' Miller Arrested, Silva Out Til 2013, Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Talks Return And More

Jason "Mayhem" Miller's mugshot via the Orange County Sheriff Department
Jason "Mayhem" Miller's mugshot via the Orange County Sheriff Department

Tonight's Evening Combat Sports News kicks off with the obvious biggest story of the day. Jason Miller, former Strikeforce and UFC fighter, was arrested today after allegedly breaking into a church, destroying property, spraying fire extinguishers in the building and then stripping nude. He's currently undergoing a medical evaluation and has a bond set of $20,000.

We do know that Miller suffers from mental illness which he has talked about in previous interviews as feeling that he has a handle on. As for why he'd break into a church, pure speculation would suggest that a combination of that mental illness and Miller's atheism led to the selection of the location. That being said, as an outspoken atheist myself, the mental illness would play a bigger part in such actions than his atheism. But again, all of this is speculation.

What we do know is that Miller is in a fair amount of trouble and, if it's a mental health issue, he needs to get the appropriate help.

The Miller news broke shortly after we posted an article covering Dana White feeling upset that he got into a Twitter "beef" with Miller over the weekend. In an unfortunately accurate statement, White said "that kid's on medicine, he has some issues, and the last thing I want to do is have that kid more bummed out and depressed than he already is."

We also covered many different fighter's reactions to the news on Twitter.

We're in for another round of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather talk from the way Bob Arum is talking. As covered earlier today, Arum says that he wants to make the fight happen in April of 2013. Mayweather's relationship with 50 Cent may be key as getting Golden Boy Promotions out of the talks and replacing them with TMT promotions takes care of one of the bigger conflicts in the past negotiations.

Of course, Manny has to get by either Timothy Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez in November first.

Anderson Silva is going to take some time off until 2013, according to Dana White. That means that Silva will only fight once this year, his TKO win over Chael Sonnen. The UFC could certainly benefit from another Silva fight this year, but the champ wants to take time off, so that's what's going on.

Jon Jones fighting one more time in 2012 after his Dan Henderson bout could be needed for an extra bump for the UFC.

This is going to be a short ECSN as I have personal matters to attend to tonight. So here's a quick round-up of other stories you don't want to miss here at Bloody Elbow from the day:

- Phil Baroni dropped by with a guest blog, talking about his upcoming ONE FC bout and Asian girls.

- The lightweight division got a little attention with Dave Castillo looking at the probable fight between Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis and George Halvatas Jr. talking about Melvin Guillard's chances at future success. Also, Jack Slack took a look at the switch kick of Cerrone in a Judo Chop.

- Josh Nash rolled out another edition of The Martial Chronicles, this time looking at catch-as-catch-can wrestling in the Olympic games.

- Chris Hall gave some attention to the awful performance of Jake Shields at UFC 150 and the excuse of altitude given by the former Strikeforce champion.

We'll be back with a full, regular edition of ECSN tomorrow night.

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