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Fight Factory: Josh Koscheck Has More Choice Words For Javier Mendez


I'm sure you've heard the story by now, but I'll give you a quick recap just in case - Josh Koscheck left American Kickboxing Academy after a disagreement with coach Javier Mendez. Kos is Kos, so he ran his mouth a lot in the aftermath, even saying that he hoped the gym burned down and he wouldn't mind if Mendez was inside at the time. Mendez has shown remorse for whatever he did to drive Koscheck away, but here's the kicker - it will all play out on a reality show called Fight Factory on Nuvo TV. Yes, a reality show.

Nuvo TV has been releasing short clips from the show as teasers, and the latest one is from an AKA barbeque. All of the AKA guys are there, as is Koscheck, but Javier Mendez didn't attend. His wife did though, which led to more talk from Kos. You can check out the video below, and read what he had to say in the video after the jump.

"I think he knew I was coming (to the barbeque) and he hid. I think it's funny. He's wife comes and...he can't. It just shows the type of person he is. Javier Mendez is lazy. He's never been successful at anything he's done. Javier will say 'Oh, I love Josh and I'd welcome him back anytime'. That's all for the cameras. F**k you, that's bulls*t."

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