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UFC President Dana White Rules Out Alistair Overeem As Next Opponent For Junior Dos Santos

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UFC President Dana White spoke to MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani after the UFC 150 post-fight press conference last night and White has ruled out Alistair Overeem vs. Junior dos Santos as the next UFC Heavyweight title fight.

Instead, White indicates that JDS will be re-matching Cain Velasquez in the next title fight. Dos Santos KO'd Velasquez in 64 seconds at the first UFC on Fox last November.

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There has been a long and unexplained delay in booking Dos Santos vs Velasquez that has led to considerable speculation that Overeem would be getting the next title fight instead. Overeem had been booked to face JDS at UFC 146 but failed a pre-fight urine test for elevated testosterone ratios.

Dos Santos added fuel to the fire by saying he wanted to punch Overeem in the face.

Overeem is currently unlicensed in Nevada and barred from re-applying until after December 27th. He would ideally like to fight on December 29th but it appears impossible that the UFC would sign and promote a fight featuring an unlicensed fighter.

White's exact words to Helwani after the jump...

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Here's what Dana told Helwani:

Helwani: Alistair Overeem, will he fight Junior dos Santos next?

White: No.

Helwani: Cain Velasquez, will he fight Junior dos Santos next?

White: Yes.

Helwani: Will it happen this year?

White: Yes.