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UFC 150 Video: Donald Cerrone Knocks Out Melvin Guillard


Donald Cerrone took another step in the direction of a UFC title shot when he knocked out Melvin Guillard at UFC 150. Guillard came out hard in the early part of the round and had him rocked, but he couldn't finish him off and that led to Cerrone being able to score a big headkick and right hand combo for the finish.

Here's the video highlights of the fight:

Here's how Bloody Elbow called the action in our live blog:

Donald Cerrone vs. Melvin Guillard - Round 1 - Big left by Melvin and Cerrone is hurt! Knee by Melvin and some punches and Melvin is all over him. Big elbow by Melvin now and Cerrone looks pretty buzzed still. Head kick by Cerrone and Guillard's legs buckle now! Big right hand by Cerrone and Melvin is down and OUT. Wow! That head kick just glanced off the side of his head and rocked him and then Cerrone threw a right hand as he ran forward at Melvin. Donald Cerrone wins by KO (head kick/Punch), 1:16 of Round 1.

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