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UFC 150 Results: Yushin Okami Picks Up TKO Victory Over Buddy Roberts

Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting
Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Yushin Okami defeated Buddy Roberts by TKO (strikes) at 3:05 of round two

Yushin Okami used a solid grappling game to overwhelm Buddy Roberts, and it earned him a victory. Roberts was doing well on the feet but Okami schooled him when he was able to get it to the floor, almost getting a TKO stoppage in the first and actually getting one in the second. After getting to mount, he unloaded on Roberts with a barrage of strikes to the head. Roberts didn't look particularly hurt, but he was stuck and wasn't doing anything so the bout was called off. It was a pretty underwhelming ending.

The fighters traded on the feet early, with Roberts landing a couple of nice shots. Both men threw the same technique at the same time more than once. Roberts landed a nice right and a good jab. Okami looked for a takedown and picked him up off the floor a couple of time, but couldn't get him down. Okami took his back and dragged him down, but Roberts was able to get back to guard and look for an omoplata. Okami took his time to pass to side control with a minute to go. He advanced to mount and took the back, and pounded away on Roberts for the rest of the round. Herb Dean was thinking about stopping it, but he didn't.

Roberts started the second with a solid left. Okami went back to the clinch and dragged Roberts down. Roberts used a guillotine attempt to get back up. They went right back down against the cage though, and Okami went back to his steady grappling and got to mount halfway through the round. Roberts rolled over and Okami went back to pounding on his head. Roberts did nothing to defend except put his arms up, and Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight.

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