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UFC 150 Results: Chico Camus Takes Entertaining Decision Over Dustin Pague

Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting
Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Chico Camus defeated Dustin Pague by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Chico Camus and Dustin Pague engaged in a grappling battle for most of their UFC 150 bout, but it was Camus that came out on top in the end. After a first round where he was on top but stuck in a triangle attempt for a while, Camus showed much-improved submission defense over the final two rounds and almost finished it with a choke very late. Nonetheless, he picked up a unanimous decision.

The fighters duked it out on the feet early, but Camus caught a kick and took it to the floor about a minute in. Pague locked up a triangle and landed some elbows from the bottom. He held onto it forever, but Camus was able to fight it off. Camus postured up and landed some shots in Pague's guard. Pague looked for an omoplata but lost it. Pague had a small cut above the eyebrow.

Pague did what Camus did in the first, catching a kick and dumping Camus to the floor early in round two. Camus got back up quickly though. Pague landed a big left hook while Camus was ducking under for a takedown, but he still got it to the floor. Camus worked from the top, steadily trying to pass guard and landing a few shots. Pague wasn't nearly as successful with submission attempts in this stanza, but he finally got up with 10 seconds to go.

Pague shot in for a takedown immediately to start the third, and spun around to take full back mount within 20 seconds. Pague locked up a body triangle and hunted for the choke. He couldn't get much of anywhere though, and Camus eventually rolled into his guard and dropped some elbows. Camus almost got to mount but couldn't get his leg free. About 30 seconds later, he did get to mount and then took his back. He had a choke sunk in, but Pague managed to fight it off and made it to the final bell.

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