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UFC 150: Ben Henderson Vs. Frankie Edgar Full Fight Video Of First Bout

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Tonight, at UFC 150, Ben Henderson will fight Frankie Edgar in a rematch of their UFC 144 bout. In that first meeting, Henderson won a unanimous decision to become the UFC lightweight champion. The public is split on how close the first meeting actually was, but Bloody Elbow scored the bout 48-47 Edgar in our live results.

It was seen as close enough for the UFC to order a rematch, glossing over the man who was lined up for a title shot in Anthony Pettis in favor of making this rematch.

UFC Latino has posted the full video of the first meeting before the two men in advance of tonight's lightweight title rematch:

We will have much more on the action and fallout from UFC 150, but for those curious about reading up more on the first fight, you can head to the SB Nation coverage page for UFC 144.

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