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London 2012: Jordan Burroughs Wins Gold In Freestyle Wrestling

Jordan Burroughs Gold Medal
Jordan Burroughs Gold Medal

The wrestling superman does exist, and he's American

Jordan Burroughs just won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at seventy-four kilograms. He is now a world and Olympic champion and takes his place among some of the best American wrestlers who have ever pulled up their singlet straps.

A full twelve wrestling weights had already been contested in London, and the USA had not even produced a single finalist. Jordan stepped into these games not just with his own lofty expectations on his shoulders, but the expectations of a nation. Burroughs, like the champion that he is, stood tall, shoulders back and head high and met these expectations head on.

As this is being written, the gold medal is being hung from his neck. Jordan has now answered every question but one: how many more golds will he win?

After the jump, details of Jordan Burrough's fabulous triumph in London

Jordan Burroughs path to gold was not easy. In hi semi final match he drew two-time world champion Denis Tsargush of Russia. Tsargush lost to Burroughs at last year's world championship, but had told interviewers that Jordan was inferior and that he would have extra tricks ready for him at their next meeting. Indeed, Tsargush has looked unstoppable of late, going undefeated in the last year, and defeating Olympic champ Adam Saitiev twice. He looked to be Burroughs's greatest obstacle to gold.

Tsargush threatened Burroughs, earning the first takedown and winning the second period. Jordan prevailed, in the end, through patience. waiting for his openings and then exploding through Tsargush with his famed blast double-leg takedown. Burroughs would beat Tsargush two periods to one, earning his way to the gold-medal finals.

The finals was a rematch of last year's world championships gold medal match with Iran's Sadegh Goudarzi. Burroughs wrestled brilliantly. in both periods, Jordan used motion to lure Goudarzi out of position and strike at him with precise double-legs. Jordan beat Goudarzi in two straight periods, and won gold.

In the end, the real story of Burroughs's success was his tactics. Jordan may possess strength, speed, and explosiveness than his opponents, but these games saw Jordan employ this athleticism with a mature and measured approach. In his decisive matches, Jordan waited with confident coolness and seemed to always pick the perfect moment to strike.

Burroughs is now only the fourth American freestyle wrestling gold medalist in four Olympics to win a gold medal. He is only the first to do it while going through legitimate Russian superstar since Brandon Slay in 2000. This is truly a historic victory for Jordan Burroughs and cause for celebration for American sports fans everywhere.

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