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2012 Olympics: Judo Video Highlights - Mens 81kg And Womens 63kg


If you missed and of the Olympic judo highlights from yesterday and today, our man Zombie Prophet has you covered. You can check out a selection of video highlights from the mens 81kg and womens 63kg divisions, including all the medal matches in each division. If you're interested in the results, the official 2012 Olympics results page will give you all the info you need.

Warning - the post is gif-heavy after the jump, so tread lightly.

Mens 81kg - Travis Stevens (USA) preparing for semi-final against Ole Bischof


Womens 63kg Bronze Medal Match - Gevrise Emane (France vs Joung Da-Woon (South Korea)


Womens 63kg Bronze Medal Match - Yoshie Ueno (Japan) vs Munkhzaya Tsedevsuren (Mongolia)


Womens 63kg Gold Medal Match - Xu Lili (China) vs Urska Zolnir (Slovenia)


Medal winners


Mens 81kg Bronze Medal Match - Antoine Valois-Fortier (CANADA BABY) vs Travis Stevens (USA)


Mens 81kg Bronze Medal Match - Ole Bishof (Germany) vs Kim Jae-Bum (South Korea)


Medal winners


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