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Tim Sylvia: 'For Some Reason They Picked Mir Instead'

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia has been actively campaigning for a return to a big organization for a while now, and it seemed that he was finally going to get his chance in Strikeforce. Word leaked out that Sylvia had signed on to face Daniel Cormier in his last Strikeforce bout, but suddenly it was off and Sylvia was left out in the cold. A few days later, the bout was given to Frank Mir instead. Sylvia turned to The Underground to share his side of things:

Sorry to all my fans hoping to see me back in the big show. We were talking to the UFC about the dc fight in sf and agreed to it. But for some reason they picked mir instead. It is what it is at least I was considered so maybe in the near future I will be back thanks for all of your support.

Sylvia (31-7) kind of got screwed over, but there's little doubt that a Mir/Cormier bout is a lot more relevant at the moment. We'll have to see if Big Tim does indeed get another shot one day.