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UPDATED: Invicta FC 2: Shayna Baszler Vs. Sara McMann Weigh In Results

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Tomorrow night, women's Bantamweights Shayna Baszler and Sara McMann will face off as the main event of Invicta FC's second all women's MMA event. The whole event will be streamed live on Invicta's homepage and taking place at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS.

Tonight, the fighters took to the scales. Problems started early when Jessica Philippus came in 2 pounds over and the first to step on the scale. Sarah D'Alelio followed suit weighing in 1.2 pounds over the 135 lb. limit. Both fighters will have two hours to make weight.

Update: Jessica Philippus could not cut any more. Her official weight is 107.2 and she's fined 25% of her purse.

Update: Sarah D'Alelio weighed in under 136 (official weight not given by Invicta).

Invicta FC tweeted the results via their official Twitter page:

Main Card:

Shayna Baszler (133.6) vs. Sara McMann (135.4)
Alexis Davis (134) vs. Hitomi Akano (135.8)
Liz Carmouche (135) vs. Kaitlin Young (135)
Ayaka Hamasaki (114.6) vs. Lacey Schuckman (115.4)
Amanda Nunes (135.4) vs. Raquel Pa'aluhi (134.4)
Sarah D'Alelio (136.2)* vs. Vanessa Porto (133.6)
Barb Honchak (124.2) vs. Bethany Marshall (124)
Julia Budd (145.2) vs. Elina Nilsson (144.6)
Carla Esparza (115.2) vs. Sarah Schneider (116)
Angelic Chavez (105.4) vs. Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (105.2)

Prelim Card:

Sarah Moras (134.8) vs. Raquel Pennington (134.4)
Jessamyn Duke (135) vs. Suzie Montero (136)
Jocelyn Lybarger (124.8) vs. Cheryl Chan (124.2)
Jessica Philippus (107.2)* vs. Liz McCarthy (104.2)

Philippus and D'Alelio will have 2 hours to make weight

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