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UFC 149 Draws 235K PPV Buys

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Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE
Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Despite UFC 149 being widely considered one of the most disappointing main cards in recent UFC history, it looks like they did solid numbers from a PPV perspective. At first glance 235K buys may seem low, but it's consistent with predictions and the established floor for lower drawing events. On top of that, the impact of injuries on the fight card cannot be ignored.

From Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer:

The earliest PPV estimates are 235,000 buys, which is along the lines of what would be expected. Once again, keep in mind this is early and we should have a better number in a couple of weeks. It's a low number, but nobody expected different going in. It was probably helped because whenever UFC runs in Canada, they get so much mainstream media in that country that the PPV numbers do well in that country and make a difference if the U.S. numbers are so-so. A PPV being from Canada doesn't hurt the U.S. numbers. Normally, that would be considered a disappointment, but coming two weeks after a monster show and being the third PPV in four weeks, if that's where it winds up, nobody should complain. I think it's a lot better than Aldo vs. Koch would have done.

Three PPV's in 4 weeks can't be ignored when looking at these numbers either. That's about $150 the UFC was asking their fans to put up, which isn't a possibility for many. So consumers are going to pick the best product, which obviously, was UFC 148 at 1 million buys. I'm never going to complain about too much MMA. However, this stretch of UFC events highlights some big complications with such an active schedule.

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