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Bellator 72: Karl Amoussou Vs. Bryan Baker Highlights And Gifs

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Photo via Bellator
Photo via Bellator

Zombie Prophet and I are bringing you a brand new Bloody Elbow feature: we're adding a little extra excitement to the Bellator results coverage by bringing you his exclusive GIFs. Zombie Prophet will depict the biggest highlights of the night and I'll be here to provide the results and describe the action.

Tonight, we're covering Bellator 72: Karl Amoussou Vs. Bryan Baker. This Summer Series event features the welterweight tournament finals to determine the next challenger for champion Ben "Funky" Askren. The four semi-finalists in the light heavyweight tournament face off with Travis Wiuff vs. Tim Carpenter and Attila Vegh vs. Emmanuel Newton. Making his Bellator debut, Paul Daley squares off against Rudy Bears.

Here are the full event results; check the animated gifs and accompanying breakdowns in the full entry.

Main Card:
Karl Amoussou def. Bryan Baker via Heel Hook, Round 1 (0:56)
Paul Daley def. Rudy Bears via TKO (2:45)
Attila Vegh def. Emanuel Newton via Split Decision
Travis Wiuff def. Tim Carpenter vis Unanimous Decision
Marius Zaromskis def. Waachiim Spiritwolf via Unanimous Decision

Preliminary Card
Ben Saunders def. Brian Warren via TKO, Round 1 (0:22)
Raul Amaya def. Kenny Moss via Submission (Shoulder injury), Round 2 (0:30)
Matt McCook def. Shanon Slack via Split Decision
Paul Barrow def. Jason Carapelluci via Rear Naked Choke, Round 3 (0:46)
Ryan DeRocher vs. Julien Williamswi

SBN coverage of Bellator 72

Ben Saunders def. Brian Warren via TKO, Round 1 (0:22)


Ask Brandon Wolff or Marcus Davis about Saunders' knees and you'll probably get a disapproving scowl in response. Tonight, Ben claimed another victim in Brian Warren. Saunders latched on to a Muay Thai clinch and did his best to break Brian's face with 8 consecutive knees, finishing the fight in only 22 seconds. Ben has been on quite a tear, going 5-2 since his promotional debut at Bellator 39 in April 2010.

This definitely wasn't the way Brian Warren wanted his first Bellator fight to go. Bellator is the most prolific promotion he's fought in and Saunders made him look completely ineffectual, dropping Warren's record to 18-6.

Paul Barrow def. Jason Carapelluci via Rear Naked Choke, Round 3 (0:46)


Heading into the third round, no one would have expected a highlight reel out of this fight. Despite Barrow's corner's inexplicable use of the phrase "You're killing him" between rounds, Paul was clearly behind on the cards by two rounds. Less than a minute later, the cards didn't even matter. From double under hooks, Carapelluci put everything he had into throwing Barrow over his hip. However, this late in the fight, Paul's sweaty torso allowed him to slip out of the grip and transition right onto Jason's back. Barrow quickly sunk in his hooks and started hunting for the choke. By the time Carapelluci stood up, the choke was locked in and he was about to fall to his back before tapping out.

Paul Barrow improved his record to 5-2 and will probably look to enter the next Lightweight tournament.

Travis Wiuff def. Tim Carpenter via Unanimous Decision


Apparently, Tim Carpenter didn't realize that Travis Wiuff trained with Matt Hughes for the Light Heavyweight tournament semi-final. After an ugly, grape-popping first round, Wiuff barreled out of his corner, ready to seek vengeance for the low blow. Midway through the second, he got his chance. With Carpenter pinned against the fence, Wiuff drops low to scoop the legs and tosses Tim over his shoulder. Travis proceeds to sprint to the other side of the cage and slams Carpenter to the mat.

Throughout the fight, Travis Wiuff used his superior wrestling and grappling abilities to work Carpenter from top position. Wiuff advances to the tournament finals where he'll face Attila Vegh. Attila also fought tonight and beat Emmanuel Newton by split decision.

Paul Daley def. Rudy Bears via TKO, Round 1 (2:45)


Let's be honest, MMA fans -- we all knew what was going to happen here.

I know, Paul Daley hasn't looked his best lately. He dropped three in a row as a Strikeforce fighter, although he won a couple decisions against lesser opposition between the Tyron Woodley and Kazuo Misaki fights. But, Rudy Bears wasn't brought in to give Daley problems.

Here's what Dallas Winston had to say about the fight:

Daley starting a little slow but soon starts to unload a few kicks while sighting in his jab. He throws a high kick and then pelts Bears with a spearing knee in the clinch. Daley doubles up on head-crunching knees in the clinch, shellacks a sweeping elbow and then unlatches his money left hook from his hip, all of which connect clean and end the night early for Bears

Paul Daley enters Bellator with a violent and questionably legal TKO finish. Going into the fight, some were wondering whether Daley would be keen to enter the next Welterweight tournament. Paul confirmed in his post-fight interview that he definitely wanted in. The best fight Bellator can make right now is pitting its two violent Muay Thai strikers against each other -- I can't be the only one who wants to see Paul Daley vs. Ben Saunders.

Karl Amoussou def. Bryan Baker via Heel Hook, Round 1 (0:56)


In the final fight of the night and of the welterweight tournament, Karl Amoussou made short work of Bryan Baker. To start the finishing sequence, Baker doubled up on a couple Tae Kwon Do style side kicks. Slipping the second kick, Amoussou kicked out Baker's planted foot and clinched from behind. Instead of tossing Baker off his base and establishing back control, Karl took the high-risk route and dropped for Baker's left leg. He quickly locked in the heel hook and twisted the leg with everything he had, forcing Bryan Baker to tap before severe damage was done.

This win earned Karl Amoussou the right to challenge Bellator's dominant champion, Ben Askren, for the welterweight title next season. Askren stands atop the division with a 10-0 record in his short career. His "funky" wrestling has given every other contender fits. Although many fans aren't exactly enthralled with Askren's style, it's proven to be more than effective. However, with 9 of his 16 victories coming via submission, Amoussou poses a serious threat to Askrens crown.


All gifs via Zombie Prophet - The difference is gifability