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Bellator 72 Live Results And Play-By-Play

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Tonight, for the first time, Bloody Elbow will be bringing you streaming video of the Bellator 72 prelims live and free. Featuring six bouts, the prelims start at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT. You can check out the stream below the jump for the undercard. The main card starts at 8:00 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT live on MTV 2. For the British viewers that are interested in watching Paul Daley fight, the entire event will be streamed live for fans in the United Kingdom..

Ben Saunders is at the top of the undercard fighting Brian Warren. Saunders is looking to rebound after dropping a decision to tonight's headliner Brian Baker in the semi-finals of the Welterweight tournament.

In the main event, Karl Amoussou faces off against Bryan Baker in the tournament finals to decide who will challenge Ben Askren for the title. Paul Daley also makes his promotional debut as the co-main event against Rudy Bears.

Dallas Winston will be your emcee for tonight's show. Be gentle.

Main Card:
Karl Amoussou vs. Bryan Baker
Rudy Bears vs. Paul Daley
Emanuel Newton vs. Attila Vegh
Tim Carpenter vs. Travis Wiuff
Waachiim Spiritwolf vs. Marius Zaromskis

Preliminary Card
Ben Saunders vs. Brian Warren
Chris Barnett vs. Tom Sauer
Raul Amaya vs. Kenny Moss
Matt McCook vs. Shanon Slack
Paul Barrow vs. Jason Carapelluci
Ryan DeRocher vs. Julien Williamswi

SBN coverage of Bellator 72

No need to be gentle, kids! Dallas Winston here, picking up with live play-by-play for Bellator 72.

Find the results and live action from the earlier fights in the full entry. Karl Amoussou vs. Bryan Baker is on deck.

Karl Amoussou vs. Bryan Baker

R1: Baker sends Amoussou flailing back with a long front kick. They pause for a moment due to a inadvertent eye poke from Baker. On the restart, the fighters collide and Amoussou slips around to the rear waist cinch and brilliantly drops to his back while locking up an inverted heel hook -- Baker taps immediately.

Karl Amoussou defeats Bryan Baker by submission (inverted heel hook), Round 1.

Rudy Bears vs. Paul Daley

R1: Daley starting a little slow but soon starts to unload a few kicks while sighting in his jab. He throws a high kick and then pelts Bears with a spearing knee in the clinch. Daley doubles up on head-crunching knees in the clinch, shellacks a sweeping elbow and then unlatches his money left hook from his hip, all of which connect clean and end the night early for Bears.

Paul Daley defeats Rudy Bears by TKO (knees and punches), Round 1.

Emanuel Newton vs. Attila Vegh

R1: Newton open with a series of low kicks. Vegh throws a 1-2 and tacks on a nice roundhouse kick to the body. Vegh sidesteps a jab and counters with a hook. Newton connects on a right hand after they collide. Newton gets the clinch but Vegh circles off the fence. Newton ends 2 charging combinations with body kicks that connect.

Newton goes high with a kick now and Vegh is too gunshy. Vegh goes over the top with a right hand to counter more punches from Newton. Newton getting fancy by throwing a jumping side kick before scoring a quick takedown, but Vegh is immediately back to his feet. Double side kicks from Newton. Nice 5-punch combo from Vegh to close the round, but it's answered by Newton. 10-9 Newton for the higher volume and more effective striking.

R2: Vegh's a little more aggressive to open the 2nd but Newton establishes a stiff flurry. Side kick from Newton, then a low kick and punches. Vegh corners Newton perfectly but doesn't squeeze the trigger in time. Newton initiates a clinch and thwacks short knees to the thigh, then a few to the head that land.

Vegh peels himself away with wrist control and they restart in the center. Newton continues to outwork Vegh, who's way too complacent at this point. Spinning back kick from Newton as his confidence soars. Nice inside low kick from Vegh, then a side-step counter shot. Double right hands and then another side kick scores for Newton. Decent set of shovel punches from Vegh with 20 seconds left but it doesn't make up for ground lost. 10-9 Newton.

R3: Low kick and overhand right to start the round for Newton. Newton eats a kick when dropping levels for a takedown, but he slips around to Vegh's back for a moment, then gets clipped with a knee from Vegh on his way back up. Vegh is relentlessly timid again and doesn't press the attack. The Greco Roman wrestler continues to out-strike the Kenpo practitioner.

Newton getting creative and throwing whatever he wants at Vegh: side kicks, low kicks, overhand lefts and takedown attempts in any combination. They're not all landing but some are and Vegh is merely defending. Vegh trying to counter but there's no mustard on his punches and Newton just keeps coming forward. Vegh tries another of his final-second flurries but he gave this one away. 10-9 Newton for a clean sweep on my card.

Florida's judging proves to be laughable again as one judge sees it 29-28 for Emmanuel Newton but the others have it 30-27 and 29-28 for Atilla Vegh, who wins by split decision.

Tim Carpenter vs. Travis Wiuff

R1: Wiuff doubles up on his jab and scorches Carpenter with 3 streaking right hands. Wiuff pins him on the fence and punches Carpenter's right thigh (?) and Carpenter responds with 2 knees to the Cheerios. The ref spots it and separates them while Wiuff takes a moment to find his waterfall. The ref clarifies that he'll take a point if the infraction recurs before restarting them.

Wiuff wings an overhand right and follows behind it to bowl Carpenter over with a takedown. Carpenter controls the head with his left and throws punches with his right. Wiuff patty-cakes some hammer-fists. Wiuff starts to load up with right hands to the body while shutting down Carpenter's attempts to find angles off his back. Wiuff just breaking Carpenter's control and streaming ineffective hammer-fists for the rest of the round. 10-9 Wiuff for the more effective striking and grappling.

R2: Wiuff barrels out of his corner and nails a power double and proceeds to jam right hands into Carpenter's ribs. Carpenter trying to angle for armbars so Wiuff stuffs his head on the fence to stifle him. Carpenter is warned twice for grabbing the cage. The ref stands them up halfway through the round.

They trade jabs in open space and Wiuff ties up and steers Carpenter back on the fence. Wiuff picks Carpenter up like a newborn babe, carries him across the cage and power slams on the fence. The referee oddly intervenes after just a few seconds of inactivity for an unnecessary stand up. They lock horns again and Wiuff crams Carpenter on the fence. Carpenter drops for a guillotine that isn't there. 10-9 Wiuff.

R3: Wiuff has Carpenter down again quickly. He forces Carpenter against the cage and continues the game of light-hearted strikes while controlling Carpenter's hips. Carpenter attempts a few loose armbars but Wiuff is relentless with control and busy enough to keep the ref from jumping in.

Carpenter does lock up an armbar with a little over a minute left but he's way too low on the arm. The round ends with Wiuff on top doing his thing. 10-9 Wiuff, giving him 30-27 marks on my score card.

All 3 judges agree, making Travis Wiuff the winner over Tim Carpenter by unanimous decision.

Waachiim Spiritwolf and Marius Zaromskis

R1: Zaromskis jogs across the cage to meet Spiritwolf. They're both surprisingly hesitant for the first minute but Zaromskis finally unloads a nice jab and overhand. Outside low kick by Spiritwolf, who's circling while Zaromskis prowls. They take turns charging with strong combinations. Zaromskis throwing heaters but he's a little wide with his punches and Spiritwolf is looking to time a counter.

They collide with mutual combinations and Spiritwolf's power backs Zaromskis up. Left hook and right straight combo from Spiritwolf, who can't stop playing around with one of his gloves betwixt exchanges. Several sequences occur where Zaromskis pops in with 1-2s and Spiritwolf counters with his left hook and right cross combo. Zaromskis gets in a clinch knee. Spiritwolf hits a takedown but it's after the bell has sounded. I saw that pretty even: Zaromskis seemed to land cleaner and a bit more often but did suffer a small cut. 10-10.

R2: Zaromskis stalking again to open the 2nd. Spiritwolf keying off his lunging left hand, twice, but Zaromskis uncorks a high kick to even things up. Outside low kick from Spiritwolf but he eats a stiff punch against the fence, then a kick to the body to move ahead in the stand up battle. Spiritwolf plows his left hook through again but Zaromskis is too wary of the right cross follow up to sling a counter.

Inside low kick by Spiritwolf. They collide with punches every few seconds and Zaromskis seems to be getting the better end by a small margin with cleaner strikes and better balance. Zaromskis goes downstairs with the straight left and lands it twice. Spiritwolf shoots a takedown but Zaromskis avoids it. 10-9 Zaromskis for the more effective striking.

R3: Spiritwolf still trying to play the counter game but it's time to switch it up. Zaromskis is leading the exchanges, walking him down and landing more often. Spiritwolf whiffs with a stumbling left hook. Spiritwolf retreating and circling out while Zaromskis attacks frequently with punches. Spiritwolf completely misses on a left hook and almost losing his footing again. He shoots but Zaromskis easily evades.

Spiritwolf finally comes forward with a straight right and low single, but nothing's doin'. Zaromskis wings a 1-2 and follows with a high kick. Spiritwolf shoots a deep double but Zaromskis bases out and gets back to his feet. Spiritwolf show's he's perfected the stumbling left hook technique as the bell rings. 10-9 Zaromskis. I have it 30-28 for Zaromskis as we await the official decision.

One potentially intoxicated judge sees it 29-28 for Spiritwolf, but the two sober ones have it 29-28 and 30-27 for Marius Zaromskis, who defeats Waachiim Spiritwolf by decision.

Paul Barrow vs. Jason Carapelluci

R1: Carapelluci adheres to Barrow immediately and slips around to his back for the rear waist tie. Barrow stays afoot and backs up against the cage, but Carapelluci meets him head on with a single leg takedown and gets it. Carapelluci passes to half guard but doesn't offer much offense. Barrow, with good posture control, gets full guard and closes it. Barrow showing good control with his hands but his hips aren't active and he's just defending. Carapelluci now sneaking in a few short elbows and punches. He threatens to pass to side control and takes Barrow's back when he tries to escape. The round ends with Carapelluci fishing for the choke and throwing light strikes. 10-9 Carapelluci.

R2: Carapelluci feinting with the takedown but neither fighter throws much. Carapelluci wings a right hook and then changes levels for a double leg. Barrow stuffs it with underhooks but Carapelluci again snakes around to his back. This time Barrow spins out and lands a short elbow, but Carapelluci lifts him up and nails a slam. He again threatens to take Barrow's back on the scramble but Barrow's able to patiently work back to his feet.

Barrow stuffs the shot and lands a nice elbow over the top. Now it's Barrow working a takedown in the clinch; he gets it briefly, but Carapelluci is right back up and wrenching a guillotine. Barrow escapes but eats a knee and overhand left for his efforts. Carapelluci shoots again but Barrow sprawls out with a wide base and cracks short elbows to the temple. Jab and overhand by Carapelluci. Barrow responds with a jab and two kicks. Nice round and a game showing for both. 10-9 Carapelluci.

R3: The camera was in Barrow's corner during the break and his corner bizarrely assesses that he's "killing him." Carapelluci barges into the clinch and goes for a sloppy trip when Barrow circles off the cage, which allows Barrow to turn the tables and take Carapelluci's back. Unlike Carapelluci, Barrow quickly digs in both hooks and encircles the neck. Carapelluci stands instead of fighting off the hold and taps a few seconds later. Perhaps Barrow's corner was correct.

Paul Barrow defeats Jason Carapelluci by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3.

Ben Saunders vs. Brian Warren

R1: They trade kicks and Saunders wastes no time morphing himself into a bald and tattooed typhoon of whirling knees. He tramples Warren with a salvo of knees from the Thai plum; Warren drops and the ref stops it. Quick and violent.

Ben Saunders defeats Brian Warren by TKO (knees), Round 1.

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