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UFC On FX 5 Moved To October 5 - No New Location Set

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As a slew of injuries has left the UFC's summer PPV fight depth noticeably weaker, many have been wondering whether their incredibly aggressive schedule has drawn the promotion too thin. Counting the upcoming UFC 149, the UFC has put on 7 events in the last 8 weeks. Last night on UFC Tonight, the UFC announced that the UFC On FX 5 event planned for September 7 in Indianapolis, IN has been rescheduled for October 5. No new location or venue has been set.

Ariel Helwani revealed the news via Twitter, as well:

This announcement really should not come as any surprise. The UFC had shown very little in the way of planning for the Indi event up to this point. Only one fight had been scheduled for the event between Bart Palaszewski and Diego Nunes. I'm sure the news is upsetting to Palaszewski, however, since he specifically wanted to compete in Indianapolis and close to his home state of Illinois. Palazsweski and Nunes are still expected to compete at the event. The UFC hasn't held an event in the Hoosier state since UFC 119 in September, 2010.