Ian McCall on the claims that he is underpaid.

Uncle Creepy took to the UG to respond to the people who were saying he (and others) are underpaid.


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Dana says he doesn't like to give out real numbers, which is def. the truth cause i came on here and saw people saying things like i shoulda got paid more even though i lost but i headlined the card..

i did, dana sent me an extra 25k right after the fight plus i got main event sponsor money haha

the UFC pays you to do your job, if you do it then you get paid good.. in my UFC debut i made over 80,000... thats a lot of money for a division half the MMA community didn't know existed!!

i love all of you guys, most of you know my life story, i just wanted you to know that i get taken care of by the UFC real well, ESPECIALLY when it comes to $!

All i gotta do now is beat the crap out of someone and move forward and start making anderson moneyyy !!!!!!! :)

UGCTT 4 LIFE! gotta head out but the shirts should be coming tomorrow so ill be signing them all for ya!


From: UGCTT_UncleCreepy, UGCTT President
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Dana leaves it up to the fighters to talk about their pay, a lot of you guys dont know we get paid a lot more than what you see..

that is all :)


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