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Dana White Denies Dave Meltzer's Report Of Showtime/Zuffa Deal Regarding Strikeforce Fighters

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Well, that didn't take long. UFC president Dana White tweeted earlier today that he was on his way to Australia for the the first episode of TUF: UK vs. Australia. Not long after he got there, he responded to Dave Meltzer's report regarding a deal that Zuffa made with Showtime that will see a collection of Strikeforce fighters staying with the organization as long as the two organizations continue to work together. Cindy O on the UG asked Dana if it was true, and he responded by text:

"idk wtf melzers problem is! Has this guy lost his mind? That is absolutely not true!"

To be fair, she asked him about the first report of Showtime controlling the fighters as long as they're in the the MMA business, and not about the later clarification that it was only until the Zuffa/Showtime deal was over. Dana took it a step further though, going on the UG himself to respond:

Dave has lost his mind!! Now he is just making sh*t up.

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't tweeted anything about it yet, but I'm sure he will soon enough. Another wrinkle in an ongoing story.