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UPDATED: Ronda Rousey Wants To Beat Up 'Glorified Pornstar' Kim Kardashian

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Never one to mince words, Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey lifted some eyebrows with her vitriolic rant concerning reality television star Kim Kardashian. On the red carpet for ESPN's Espy Awards promoting her pictorial for the ESPN Body issue, Rousey was asked what celebrity she'd like to fight. At first, Ronda attempted to dodge the question, laughingly accusing the interviewer of attempting to get the champ to "make enemies". However, when Kim's name was brought up, Ronda let loose a torrent of scathing remarks minimalizing Kardashian's success as only attributed to her sex video and saying "I would beat up Kim Kardashian."

The TMZ crew caught up with Rousey earlier this week so she could elaborate on their show TMZ Live. Rousey defended her point, saying:

She's like a glorified pornstar that's been taken and somehow pushed to be some sort of role model. She sells Skechers to little kids in ads all over the place. What kind of example does that set? When my little sister is watching this stuff and thinking "Wow! If I "perform fellatio" on a C-list celebrity, I'll suddenly have fame and stuff." It's just wrong in every way and, if I had a chance, if I had to pick anyone, of course I would beat her up

I can't say it's a good look for a trained fighter and Olympic level judoka to be challenging a completely untrained minor celebrity to a fight. For her part, Kim Kardashian doesn't seem especially keen on engaging in the war of words. Mike from TMZ contacted Kim, who replied "Actually, I think this girl's really pretty. I don't want to say anything mean." So, it looks like this drama will be just a quick flash in the pan.

Ronda Rousey is set to make her first title defense against Sarah Kaufman on August 18 at Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman in the Valley View Casino Center.

Check out the full video and more quotes after the jump.

You can have a successful business but I can have a successful business by selling Coca Cola and that’s an
inanimate object. She’s being sold. It’s not really her doing it. She’s just the product and I’m very, very
sure she’s not the driving force behind all this. I think it’s probably more her mother and outside people.
I think she’s surrounded by very respectful people. Her stepdad’s an Olympian and I respect that but I
don’t think it was all her. I think all she really did was that one video and that’s where they got that fame
from and I don’t want people to get the idea of, “Oh, if I sleep around with someone who’s popular, I
can actually have a career from something like this.” She’s selling to little kids. If she was selling lingerie
or something, I would understand that, but they’re bringing her down and going, “Oh, buy shoes, buy
this, buy that” and that’s not the type of girl that I want to be showing to my little sister.

I don’t know if [my sister] is so much of a Kim Kardashian fan but she’s very aware of all this. She went
and got Baco’s Shape-up shoes and when she bought those shoes and I saw that chick on those ads, I’m
like, “Is my little girl buying these shoes because she somehow wants to be like Kim Kardashian?” I’m
just like, this is just so wrong in every way. This girl should be selling lube or something like that instead
of selling shoes.