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UFC on FX 3 Results: Saturday Perspective

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June 8, 2012; Sunrise, FL, USA; Demetrious Johnson (left) greets Ian McCall (right) after Johnson won during their UFC bout at BankAtlantic Center. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
June 8, 2012; Sunrise, FL, USA; Demetrious Johnson (left) greets Ian McCall (right) after Johnson won during their UFC bout at BankAtlantic Center. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Some Sunday perspective on a Saturday looking back at UFC on FX 3: McCall vs Johnson 2.This was a card built around righting officiating wrongs. The rematch between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson was only needed because the officials in New South Wales, Australia failed to tabulate the scorecards correctly. Both fighters were robbed of a chance to win the fight and the fans were robbed of another round of one of the best fights of 2012. The co-main event featured Erick Silva, who lost his last fight due to a no warning disqualification by Mario Yamasaki for strikes to the back of the head.

While the debacle back in March did take some of the steam out of the Flyweight tournament last night set things right as both fighters lived up to the hype once again. McCall and Johnson delivered another fantastic fight, and this time when Demetrious Johnson was declared the winner there was not a controversy that followed. The only complaint fans had was that the fight was only three rounds long due to being a tournament bout when clearly five rounds is called for between two fighters of this quality.

While Johnson clearly took this fight there is still feeling of unfinished business between these two and I would fully expect down the road there to be a five round rematch.

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  • Johnson's win proves that many fans and media members, including myself, forgot how well he acquitted himself in the striking during the first match. Johnson and his team made adjustments to leverage that advantage on the feet into victory.
  • I favor Joseph Benavidez in the title match, but Johnson's scrambling ability and speed in the striking department will make it a very interesting match.
  • Erick Silva is special. I was fully expecting him to have a hard time with the first good wrestler he faced, and he walked through a very solid welterweight in Charlie Brenneman. I want to see Erick Silva fight again pronto and the idea of Diego Sanchez has been thrown about, which sounds excellent.
  • Mike Pyle notched a KO win for the ages, a right hand that seemingly came out of nowhere, just as Josh Neer seemed to be finding his rhythm, and sent Neer faceplanting on to the canvas. Awesome match, likely Neer is out of a job with the UFC and Pyle will continue to keep watch over the welterweight gates.
  • Eddie Wineland finally gets a UFC win and he did it in impressive fashion. Despite his struggles since his title shot Scott Jorgensen is still an elite Bantamweight and to handle him as well as he did is a good sign for Wineland. Only 27-years-old, Wineland still has a lot of time in the sport, and perhaps a fight with Mike Easton would make sense for Wineland as he attempts to move into the title picture.
  • Mike Pierce wins a fight but likely losses some fans as he turns in a ho-hum performance. The only thing of note about this fight was the judge that scored it 30-27 for Carlos Eduardo Rocha.
  • The prelims of this card seemed filled with the kind of fights just meant to keep guys busy and as a result they were very bland. However, Dustin Pague's grappling based win over Jared Papazian is certainly worth mentioning. Pague scored a takedown directly into mount and the fight was basically over from there.
  • The only other fight worth noting was the Buddy Roberts win. While not thrilling, Roberts easily handled an aggressive, if sloppy, Caio Maglahaes. Roberts showed he was very well prepared for all of Maglahaes' tendencies and beat the Brazilian from bell to bell.