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Demetrious Johnson Vs. Ian McCall 2 Fight Video Highlights From UFC on FX 3 Main Event

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Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall locked horns in a rematch for the right to take on Joseph Benavidez for the inaugural UFC flyweight title. In case you missed the spectacular semi final bout which headlined UFC on FX 4, here's a highlight clip from Fox Sports to get you up to date.

Here's a recap of the entire bout from our play-by-play:

Demetrious Johnson Vs. Ian McCall - Round 1 - Johnson pushes McCall into the cage eary and they are trading some short knees and punches to the legs and body. Johnson with a quick takedown and McCall quickly back to his feet. Push kick to the body by Johnson. They trade a few punches now. Johnson trying to keep away and use his speed a bit more this fight. Big right hand and McCall stumbles backward and to the ground. Johnson is on top now and takes the back standing as McCall gets to his feet but he's able to turn out of it. McCall with a knee, Johnson tries for a takedown and McCall flips him over the top, they stand and McCall lands a flurry of punches to the body before they disengage. Round ends and I have it 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2 - McCall comes out hard with a flurry and now he gets a nice takedown but Johnson was able to get up. McCall with some good punches and Johnson stumbles backward after that one. Johnson now pushes McCall into the cage. Johnson with a nice flurry inside now. Accidental low blow on a leg kick by McCall. McCall with a takedown but Johnson is able to get back up again. McCall working to take the back standing now, interesting move to get there. Another takedown, Johnson back up again and he's out. Johnson pushing McCall into the cage. Spinning back elbow (fist? forearm?) by McCall lands flush. Nice left hand by Johnson. 10-9 McCall in a close round.

Round 3 - Johnson landing a bit now and now it's McCall with a left hand. McCall pushing Johnson into the cage. Nice elbow by McCall and Johnson pushes him into the cage. Takedown by Johnson now and McCall stands up. Johnson with a few nice shots and a few more by McCall and now he lands a big knee. This is a very good fight. Johnson with a few more good punches. McCall pushes him to the cage, Johnson escapes and lands a nice right hand. McCall working knees against the cage now and they separate only to have Johnson land another right. The round ends and a close fight but one that I give to Johnson 29-28. They say there will not be a fourth round.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 Demetrious Johnson wins by unanimous decision.