The Best Fights In History Will Probably Happen Friday June 8th......

but I will not be around to watch them. I learned one lesson from Farthammer in my life and that is that if you want to ensure a card's awesomeness, you come into the fanposts and tell everyone that you hope it sucks.

I won't be missing this card on account of an impossible to escape babysitting gig, though. Instead I will be getting married.

My wife to be endures a lot of nonsense from Bloody Elbow and I appreciate her patience and courtesy laughs as I show her cat .gifs and other things that I consider to be hilarious. She thinks we are a bunch of dorks and she is probably right.........oh yes, the shitting on the fight card I was supposed to do:

I hope Uncle Creepy v. Mighty Mouse II comes to an even more inconclusive and mathematically fucked up ending than the first one did.

I hope Charlie Brenneman puts on a GnP performance that makes Ben Askren look like Mike Russow, Jon Jones, Mark Coleman and Tito Ortiz combined.

I hope Leonard Garcia wins by Split Decision after landing 9% of his strikes, spending 14:30 on his back and succumbs to exhaustion from having to throw strikes with that cursed power of his that even Michael McDonald would murder a million puppies to have 1/10th of.

I hope Jon Anik refers to someone's chin as a "beard" 1000 times.

I hope every takedown attempt is a high crotch.

I hope Wario Yamasaki referees every fight.....except the Brenneman/Silva fight.

I hope everyone talks about the Civil War in the wrong thread.

I hope Chris Hall gets banned.

That should ensure everyone a great night of fights......especially if the last one comes true.

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