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UFC's Dana White Brags About Role In Hacker Arrest

Photo by Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE
Photo by Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Before anyone complains that we're posting too much on this topic let me just say that the story of UFC president Dana White vs "the internet" is not only central to everything Bloody Elbow is about, it is a story of such massive cosmic significance that merely by covering it, we elevate this community to heights rarely soared in human culture. Thank me in the comments.

Ok, earlier this morning we reported that the FBI has arrested a man named Mir Islam in a stolen credit card scheme, that they claim is the same JoshTheGod that played a leading role in organizing online attacks against White and the UFC in January of this year.

Now we've got Dana White's comment about that arrest. Here's the shocking part -- Dana is taking full credit. Quotes from Inc Magazine after the jump...

HT MMA Mania

"You should have seen the kind of tweets their Twitter followers were sending me. All these mysterious threats, like, 'We're watching you' and 'We can find you.' I told them, Come find me, you f---in' nerds. Here's my hotel. I'm in Chicago. Come find me. It was a Twitter war for days. And that's when it gets fun. You get these guys engaged, you get 'em going, and that's when you get the FBI involved. Because there's so much piracy of UFC merchandise, the FBI was already monitoring everything that was happening. But after Anonymous hacked our site, we also got U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Department of Homeland Security, involved. And it helps when they know when and where the hackers are going to attack. So I put my chin out there, and we knew they were gonna punch it. Two weeks after they attacked me, a lot of them started getting busted. I think we contributed to that."

Have to hand it to Dana on this one. I think many prognosticators who sized up Dana White vs Anonymous overrated Anonymous and underrated Dana.

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