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UFC 147 Results Recap: Preliminary Card

Generally we break these things down fight-by-fight, but for this event we're going to do one recap for the whole undercard. This will give a brief description of each fight, what might be next for each fighter, and whether the fight is worthy of a watch or not. There will also be a recap covering most of the UFC 147 main card, and one for the main event.

Rodrigo Damm vs. Anistavio Medeiros

Gasparzinho got on Damm's nerves on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, and he even tried to punk Damm as he entered the cage. Once the actual fight started though, it was all Damm. A huge right dropped Gasparzinho, and led to Damm getting full back mount. It was only a matter of time from there, and Damm picked up the first-round submission victory. This is one of the bouts you should probably be checking out now.

Francisco Drinaldo vs. Delson Heleno

A lightweight versus a welterweight in a middleweight bout. It sounds odd, but it was a pretty good fight. Massaranduba used a major strength advantage to fight off Heleno's frenetic takedown attempts, and eventually got on top of him and delivered some major damage. The huge hammerfists he dropped on Heleno's face forced the referee to stop in, giving Drinaldo his first UFC victory. This is another bout worth checking out right now.

Hugo Viana vs. John Teixeira

Macapa came in four pounds overweight, and Wolverine is a natural bantamweight anyway. Viana was able to overcome the size difference to take a split-decision victory though. He did a great job of working his boxing while stuffing Macapa's shots. It was a very close fight, but Viana's body work and the fact that he never spent much time on the floor probably decided the bout. I'd say you can wait until later to watch it, but it was pretty good as far as 15-minute fights go.

SBN coverage of UFC 147

Thiago Perpetuo vs. Leonardo Mafra Teixeira

Perpetuo started slow but came on late to pick up a third-round TKO victory over Macarrao. Mafra took the first round with his slightly unorthodox striking, but Bodao controlled the second on the ground (other than one slick armbar attempt by Mafra). Early in the third, Perpetuo caught Macarrao with a huge right that dropped him against the cage. 15 seconds of GnP later, it was over. This is probably another one you can wait until later to watch, though the finish was really nice.

Marcos Vinicius vs. Wagner Campos

You don't see fights that are stopped by strikes when both opponents are still standing, but that's what happened here. Vina was down two rounds and almost got submitted in the first, but he came out possessed in the third and destroyed Galeto against the cage with a ton of shots. As soon as the referee stopped the fight, Galeto collapsed to the mat in a heap. The finish won Vina a $65,000 check for Knockout of the Night. You should watch this now.

Felipe Arantes vs. Milton Vieira

This bout was a bit of a head-scratcher. Vieira won the first round, but Arantes seemed to be well in control of the second and third. The scorecards didn't read like that at all though. One judge had it 29-28 Arantes, one had it 29-28 Vieira, and the third had it 28-28, so they went to a split draw. The 28-28 card gave Vieira a 10-8 first round, which was pretty ridiculous. The bout was okay, but you're certainly not missing much if you choose to skip it.

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