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UFC 147: Rich Franklin Vs. Wanderlei Silva 2 Fight Video Highlights

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I'm guessing a lot of you missed that UFC 147 PPV featuring the exciting main event bout between Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva. I can't blame you really, but in any case, here are highlights of the back and fourth bout courtesy of ESPN to get you up to date on things.

A short clip won't be enough to tell the entire story, so after the jump, check out the play-by-play of the entire bout.

Here's how the entire fight unfolded courtesy of our live blog of the event:

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva - Round 1 - Soft right hook by Rich. Silva with a kick that is blocked. Big right by Wanderlei lands. Leg kick by Franklin lands. Left hand lands for Franklin, and again. Silva has to step back for a second. Another hard jab by Franklin and a hook around the defense of Silva. Head kick by Silva gets in a bit but Franklin catches it and lands a few punches. Two shots by Rich and a couple hard right hands and Rich is winning the stand-up. Punches followed by a body kick by Rich. Another body kick by Rich. They trade right hands, Wanderlei with a big head kick and Rich with a hard jab. 10-9 Franklin.

Round 2 - Nice lead left hook by Silva early in the round. Silva being a bit more active this round and Rich has yet to really get off this round like last. Front kick to the face by Silva. Three punches by Franklin land solidly now. Franklin with a good combo and digs to the body, Wanderlei gets one shot of his own in. Rich keeps going to the body and then coming back up to the head. Wanderlei landing a few shots again. Two more punches land. Another big shot for Silva. Silva lands hard again and again and now a knee. Big punches for Silva. Right hand and Franklin is down. Wanderlei flurrying hard but Franklin is surviving. Now Wanderlei is on his back, continuing to land. 10-9 Silva. Great round.

Round 3 - Franklin is moving forward again, he looks pretty steady on his feet considering the onslaught he just endured. Body shot by Rich. Franklin keeps on working here. Franklin with a head kick that doesn't quite land flush. Body kick by Rich again. Wanderlei not having a ton of success now. Rich landing a few good jabs. Left hand by Wanderlei lands, body kick by Rich. Rich with a takedown now. Franklin with a few elbows. Good elbows by Rich now and some good punches. 10-9 Franklin.

Round 4 - Both men missing a lot here early. Body shot by Franklin. Good jabs and straight lefts by Franklin. Again with the straight left. Franklin slowly taking this fight back over now. Four punch combo by Franklin and Wanderlei lands a left but he's not exactly a "whirlwind of violence" now. Huge low blow by Silva. After they recover, Rich lands a hard body kick, Wandy with a right hand but Rich wins this round clearly. 10-9 Franklin.

Round 5 - Rich pumping the jab now and Silva misses a head kick. Hard left by Franklin lands. Silva just doesn't look like he's really got it in him to do what nees to be done. Franklin continuing to move around, pick his shots and stay out of danger. Hard jab by Franklin and he keeps putting it out there to back Silva off. Left hand by Franklin. Silva tries to come on after pumping up the crowd but eats a big left. More jabs by Rich. Silva charges, they trade big shots and Rich drops him with a big shot. They laugh and hug after the horn. Should be a Franklin win.

Official Scorecards: 49-46 across the board. Rich Franklin wins by unanimous decision.