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UFC 147 Results: Rony Jason Takes TUF Brazil Title Over Godofredo Pepey In Dreadful Fight

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Rony Jason defeated Godofredo Pepey by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

After hyping TUF Brazil to everyone over the last few months, I feel quite ashamed after the featherweight TUF Brazil Finale bout between Rony "Jason" Bezerra and Godofredo Pepey. Rony won the TUF title via unanimous decision, but the fight was all kinds of bad. Jason landed the harder shots throughout but the bout was marred by Pepey continually trying to pull guard, and a bunch of groin shots and punches to the back of the head that somehow didn't earn a point deduction from the referee

After eating a couple of punches to start the bout, Pepey pulled guard and looked to lock up an arm. After a stalemate on the ground, the ref stood them up. Pepey landed a nice flying knee then jumped on Jason, attempting to pull guard again. He was slammed for his troubles. That's about all that happened in the first round.

The second round saw Pepey miss with a ton of punches while eating a few from Jason. The third was more of the same, except Jason landed more punches and absorbed more groin shots.

I'm generally not so negative about fights, especially fights that are somewhat important, but if there was ever a bout that measured a "never, ever ever watch it" on the "how good was this fight" scale, it's this one.

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