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UFC 147 Results: Hacran Dias Takes Decision Over Yuri Alcantara

Hacran Dias defeated Yuri Alcantara by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Hacran Dias made his UFC debut in style, using a solid takedown game to defeat Yuri Alcantara by unanimous decision in the first UFC 147 main card bout. Alcantara was never really able to get anything going other than a quick scare with an armbar from the bottom in the second round. The loss was Alcantara's first in the UFC.

Dias worked hard for a takedown early in the first and eventually got it against the cage. Hacran looked for an arm triangle choke, and advanced to mount. Dias landed an elbow, but Alcantara was able to scoot back to guard. Dias worked from the top for over half the round, but Alcantara managed to get back to his feat and took Hacran's back standing.

Alcantara locked up a lightning-quick armbar attempt early in the second that looked deep, but Hacran fought it off. Dias scored a nice takedown halfway through the second, but couldn't do anything with it and the ref stood them up a minute later. Alcantara landed a nice left late, but it wasn't enough to steal the round.

After half a round of pretty much nothing in the final stanza, Dias dragged Alcantara to the mat again in the third, but Alcantara popped up after 30 seconds or so. But he was taken down once again, only to be stood up by the referee quickly. Alcantara ended up on top quickly after the restart, but it was too little too late.

Alcantara entered the fight on a two-fight winning streak in the UFC and a thirteen-fight win streak overall. Dias was making his UFC debut and was on an eight-fight winning streak himself coming in.

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