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UFC 147 Results: Rodrido Damm Destroys Anistavio 'Gasparzinho' Medeiros

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Rodrigo Damm defeated Anistavio Gasparzinho by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:12 of round one

Anistavio "Gasparzinho" Medeiros did his best to be the most annoying human being humanly possible on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. Other than carrying Brittney Palmer around after his team won the coaches challenge, he did nothing of note on the show other than bother the crap out of everyone. The person that hated him the most was Rodrigo Damm, and he got his revenge tonight. Damm softened him up with a left and dropped him with a bomb of a right, then took his back and finished Gasparzinho easily. The ending came at 2:12 of round one.

Gasparzinho apparently tried to create some drama on his way in, going over to Damm on his way into the cage and getting in his face. Too bad he didn't try to show any of that initiative once the fight started. The fighters surprisingly touched groves, but it was all Damm after that. After he dropped Gasparzinho with the right, he immediately took full back mount with hooks and looked for the choke.

Damm was once one of the top prospects in MMA, and this win was vital for him in regards to rebuilding his career. Hopefully he gets a shot at the winner of the Pepey/Jason winner, since he never actually lost on the show.

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