UFC on FX 4: The Prelims

Bloody Elbow wouldn't let me post my entire article, so there's a bit of it below. Not sure what the problem was, but check the rest on my site if you all like reading, yeah? I shall return.

The FX network was thoughtless and selfish enough to make us wait an entire TWO WEEKS for another UFC card. Unbelievable. A few more gaps in logic like this, and I’m calling my cable provider.

I am, of course, kidding. As over-saturated as we are with Zuffa cards these days, two weeks actually seems like awhile.

This card is markedly better on paper than the UFC’s last go-round with FX. It’s not the card of the year or anything, but every single fight interests me in some way, and so, without further ado, I’m going to babble about every single one of them. However, I was generous enough to break this up into two parts. I’ll tackle the prelims first.

Francisco Rivera vs. Ken Stone

Every once in awhile, a fight will get announced, and your immediate reaction is "Oh no … so-and-so is going to get KILLED." This was one of those fight announcements to me. And it’s weird: I’m not saying that this is bad matchmaking. This was far from the nonsensical farce that was the Rua-Vera fight announcement (I could write a 3,000 word column about this that would end with be blacking out and killing hookers). The fight makes complete sense. It’s a visceral reaction we have as fight fans sometimes. There might not be a bantamweight alive that hits harder than Cisco Rivera. There might not be a bantamweight alive that gets knocked out more brutally than Ken Stone.

Update: Francisco Rivera has been replaced by Dustin Pague. Get ready for an exciting submission battle that will probably end with someone tapping and will definitely have someone saying (by the way, that someone will be me) "Dustin Pague has a tattoo on his head … I’ll go with Stone." By submission.

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