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2012 IBJJF Mundials: Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida Defeats Rodolfo Vieira In Instant Classic (Video)

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In a qualifying match for the IBJJF World Championships Open weight division two titanic grapplers met. Ultra Heavyweight Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida of Checkmat faced Heavyweight Rodolfo Vieira of the Grappling Fight Team. Buchecha is a much talked about prospect who was extremely successful at lower belt levels and his only been a black belt for just over a year.

Rodolfo Vieira on the other hand is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Jon Jones, a young sensation that went from prospect to dominating champion in seemingly the blink of an eye. When Rodolfo was a brown belt he entered in a professional tournament that had no belt divisions, and won defeating several black belts. The victory earned Rodolfo the nickname "The Black Belt Hunter". Since becoming a black belt Rodolfo immediately filled the void left by the departure of Roger Gracie to MMA, dominating the Heavyweight and Open weight classes. He has become known for his dominating top game and unstoppable guard passes.

Rodolfo vs Alemida is sure to go down as one of the great all-time matches. Points came fast and frequent as both fighters worked for submissions and sweeps and there is hardly a dull moment. Both wear blue gis but Rodolfo wears the green and yellow belt to distinguish him for scoring purposes. Almeida's victory is a huge upset that has just thrown the doors wide open on the Aboslute division. And the best part is that this was the only the preliminaries rounds, the final rounds take place tomorrow afternoon and can be seen on live.

video after the jump...

Greatest BJJ Match ever! "Buchecha" Almeida vs Rodolfo Vieira 2012 worlds abosolute (via Budovideosdotcom)